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Analysis of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” ending (film)

8 Jul

Here are some major spoilers, so if you have not seen the film please click away from this entry 🙂

The Road Poster 2009

The Road (2009)

Ok, in a nutshell, I think the kid is fucked, and the ending is NOT good. Here is why.

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Science is like religion

23 Jun

Common misunderstanding about science vs religion:

Religion and Science are the same since both believe things that can’t be 100% proven

Science (and LOGIC) dictates that NO BELIEF  can EVER be absolute. You can NEVER say ANYTHING is 100% true or 100% false.

You can only make REASONABLE assumptions. It is reasonable to go on your daily life assuming that you wont suddenly shoot off the earth or turn into a squirrel. We can write a law, called the law of people not spontaneously turning into squirrels. It can shown to be true after thousands of years of observable evidence. However, if even just one human spontaneously turns into a squirrel, we have to dump that law. It is no longer true.

We say a belief is reasonable when we have tons of observable and repeatable tests that confirm the belief, when we have a large body of knowledge that makes it reasonable to assume it is true.

The religious often want black and white, 100% or 0% true. This is not how science works.

The difference between a scientific belief and a religious one is usually that the scientific one is testable and can be written down mathematically.

Reasonable scientific belief: “The sun is a really large ball of gas at the center of our solar system”

unreasonable belief:  “there is an invisible man who is punishing all the descendants of the first two humans he created because they ate an apple he told them not to eat after they were misled by a talking snake”

Another major difference between religious and scientific beliefs is that which I mentioned earlier, that a scientific law, no matter how cherished, no matter how proven and verified and tested, can be refuted at any time when the opposite is observed.

Try doing that with religious beliefs, such as the earth being 6,000 years old or that women were created by an invisible being from the rib of a man, or the invisible man himself. These beliefs are so cherished they can never be tossed out, even if mounting evidence surfaces that makes those beliefs very unreasonable.

We have seen this with beliefs such as that the earth is the center of the universe..when religious beliefs are confronted by mounting scientific evidence that invalidates them. Or with evolution. Religion is unwilling to change their beliefs to accommodate new evidence. Science always is.

God and Satan

16 Jan


This is a very thought-provoking bit of animation from the 1985 feature length movie “The Adventures of Mark Twain”

I LOVE this sequence.

The behavior that everyone finds so chilling is not anything remotely like what Satan is ever said to have done. It is, however, textbook God behavior from the Bible.

Creating a little human civilization then getting annoyed with what they’re doing and wiping them out? How many times does Satan do that in the Bible again? Oh what was that, zero? Hmm… interesting.

Now, how many times does God do that? How many times does God wipe out a city? or instruct his chosen people to do so in the most ruthless fashion possible? How many times does God personally wipe out almost all of humanity, except one family. Or an entire city, except one family? (1 Samuel 15: 1-3 )

Who is the one who has tantrums that result in wholesale slaughter? Who is the one who clearly is repulsed by his own creation as the claymation character here is? (Genesis 6:6,7) Who is the twisted creator who carelessly destroys his creation after getting annoyed with it? It is God, time and time again.

The names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

For as much fear as can be generated by the mere name “Satan” among the religious, and even some of the non-religious who have residual carryover from being raised AROUND the religious… can anyone actually site a single bad thing he ever did? One? anything? The main action we know him for in the Bible is *suggesting* that the first two humans rise out of the ignorant, mindless zombie stage God initially intended for them, by learning of knowledge, does that sound like a bad thing? Only the ignorant fear knowledge, and admire it’s absence.

At worst that sounds mischievous. So, compare that with all the killing and punishment and damning that God has tallied up for himself and you may begin to reassess who is the hero and who is the villain in this story.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in either of them. And I also don’t find Satan to be a particularly inspiring or lovable character at all, but at least you could say one or two positive things for him, like he tried to save our species from ignorance, felt that maybe we deserved some knowledge too rather than to just be left as playthings with no real thought in them.

I just find it amazing how simply because you are TOLD he is the villain, that’s all it takes. All it takes to make the very mere use of the same name, enough to chill you to your bone. Indoctrination, brain washing, is an incredibly strong force isn’t it?

Megatron and Cobra Commander did worse on a daily basis than Satan is said to have done in the Bible. And the only time he killed (Job) it was under the blessing and permission of God.

The thing that SHOULD be chilling to you about this segment, is that Christians are capable of finding those exact type of actions praiseworthy, inspiring, whatever, when the name of the fictional character doing them is changed BACK to “God”

Pugs – Please let them die out

26 Feb


I am very, very against these breeds of dogs.

People for centuries bred dogs for an amusing, cute appearance, not realizing the enormous health effects of creating such deformities. In this day and age, an animal like a Pug would not be allowed to exist. People would be outraged that anyone would deliberately breed dogs for deformities that seemed “cute”.

If it were up to me, I’d allow these dogs to die out and go extinct. Note, im not saying lets kill the living ones, i mean allow the breed to die out and realize the enormous mistake we made in creating these breeds in the first place.

The pug breed is grossly, hideously deformed. The grotesquely short face and malformed snout means life-long breathing difficulties and the extremely heightened potential for heatstroke in hot summer weather. Their maimed respiratory system makes it risky to anesthetize them when they visit the vet. Most of these poor little dogs can’t even give birth without a vet’s intervention.

Pug’s “cute” bulbous eyes are vulnerable to major infection. The poor Pugs are also very prone to joint problems, to serious brain disease (granulomatous meningoencephalitis), and skin and allergy problems. The brain problem is so specific to the breed it has its own name Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE). It’s “cute” tail is a result of deliberate breeding of a malformed spine. As a result pugs are prone to Congenital vertebral anomalies that force euthenisation.

The poor dogs have NO SKELETAL BROW RIDGES.

What has been done to this breeds morphology in order to create an “cute” aesthetic appearance is a sad sad testament to the short sightedness of men. Please for god’s sake let this and other horribly mutated breeds die out. Dogs bred as work dogs (retrievers, sheep herding etc) are a different story.

College is Important

16 Feb

Jenn: i hate college i think im gonna drop out
BboyNeko: nah stick with it
BboyNeko: its worth it in the end
BboyNeko: a college degree is real important
Jenn: y cuz then i can sit around n do nothing all day n get paid alot of money
BboyNeko: yes

Love : the delusion that one woman differs from another

7 Feb


I don’t understand why people tip garbage men and mail men

1 Dec

That’s their JOB why should you tip them??? That’s like tipping the bank teller for cashing your check or tipping the grocery lady for scanning your groceries. It’s ridiculous.

Why don’t we start tipping our electric meter reader then too? Or maybe tip the cable company for sending us cable tv every month.
Heres some more people who should be tipped:

-Doctors who care for you regularly
-Shrinks who see you each week
-All school teachers that teach your children (and of course all the lunch ladies too)
-All bus drivers who drive your kids
-Your dentist
-The UPS/Fed-ex guy
-The guy who delivers your oil (if you use it)
-Your pot dealer (if you have one)

I hate it too when people at like say, a subway or deli or some other quick service food place put put a tip jar. For what??? Making my sandwich? Its your employers responsibility to pay you for that, not me!

Also, mailman and garbage men are paid relatively well, as compared to waiters who get like $5 an hour

Simples things are nice

30 Dec

highway at night

Yunno, driving along the highway on my 45 minute commute to work you start to entertain yourself with things. For me, it was musing on what future generations will think of our way of life. And when I mean future I mean thousands of years from now. I imagine that we will no longer burn fossil fuel, that the use of fossil fuels will be considered insane in general. Also, we won’t have highways and stuff,the most direct and efficient mode to get from point a to point b would be flying, hovering, no need for take off or landing strips. So highways will be a thing of the past.

I think that future generations will think it romantic the idea of being able to get into internal-combustion engine vehicles, fill it with non-renewable fossil fuels, and drive from Peru to Canada, from England to France, from china to Afghanistan. The idea of having gas-stations, road side diners, tourist traps.

And you know what? Highways are pretty. During the day, the sun shines off the metal of the vehicles, you see great distances in front and behind you. You pass through weather systems, drive into rain, away from it etc. After a snowfall cars with their roofs covered in snow send cascades of the white stuff falling onto the street, and then the chunks explode and the shrapnel dances on the street, sometimes keeping up with your car, almost as if its trying to race…until its momentum slows down. I think that’s a very pretty things, snow falling off cars and shattering on the street as you drive, especially with the morning sun glaring.

At night, the lights of endless cars face you on the opposing highway, and then in front of you and endless sea of the red running lights of the cars headed the same general direction as you. Maybe it’s dumb to think of highways as a thing of beauty, but I really think they are.