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Life in a Harem for the Prince of Brunei

28 May
Some Girls - My life in a Harem

Some Girls - My life in a Harem by Jillian Lauren

Today I was listening to the Howard Stern show and they had on Jillian Lauren, author of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem. This was the first time I heard of her or the book, and when I heard the premise my immediate reaction was that she was probably lying.

After listening to her story for a while it seemed to me she was not lying.  Looks like it might be an interesting read. The lifestyle described by her is one of unimaginable wealth.

The premise is basically that she was a teenager, starts getting into drugs and prostitution, then goes to a mysterious audition 0ne day. The audition turns out to be for the Prince of Brunei (I have not heard of the country either) who is worth 40 billion dollars; specifically to be his ‘guest’.

This actually entails being one of 40 or so women from around the world flown in to be in his Harem on the palace grounds. She describes lavish $100,000 shopping sprees, trips to singapore etc.  She talks of how women from the west were separated from the asian women in different compounds. A literal meat market to tickle his majesties fancy.  A recent update on the story is his Majesty apparently embezzled 9 billion from the royal treasury.

Jillian Lauren

Jillian Lauren