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Colombia, is it safe? Hell no and fuck yes and maybe and here, have a drink.

4 Dec

I came across this beautiful blog post, and since it is hosted on Myspace, and was posted in 2007, I want to reproduce it here to preserve it. The original blog post can be found here:

Sam’s brother comes for a visit. He’s twenty years older than Sam, and he’s an engineer at a nuclear power plant. His questions revolve around safety.

“I just want to be sure my little brother’s safe down here,” he says. Well, given his profession, the safety obsession makes sense.

He’s pleased to see Sam has an extended family in Bogotá, us ragtag group of expats that look after each other in such a dangerous, unseemly environment.

“So what’s the biggest risk you guys face down here?” he asks me over the pounding music in the bar.

“Honestly?” I reply, “Getting hit by a bus.”

Sam laughs, but his eyebrows go up as he heartily agrees. I’ve almost absentmindedly strolled into traffic a few times, and that’s definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. Anything else can be explained – oh, he was caught in a crossfire, gut-stabbed by a drug-addled mugger, pissed off the wrong guy in the wrong place, the grenade ignited the propane heater on the deck of the bar, these things happen – but hit by a bus while jabbering on a cell phone? Fuck me, that’s no way to go.

El Cocuy, Colombia

El Cocuy, Colombia

Everything in Colombia is a contradiction. I’m fond of saying I’m so fond of Colombia because it’s like the entire world condensed into one country. It’s a land of tremendous opportunity and limitless destruction, paradise and damnation, say what you want about the place and it’s probably accurate in some way. Nothing is true and everything is permitted, and vice versa. But everyone wants to know the same thing about Colombia:

Is it safe?

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Playa Del Carmen Trip Report

12 May

Here is a video montage I put together using music from Mexican band Belanova of our trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico in May 2011:

And here is a link to my complete photo album of this trip.

Night 1

We arrive late night in Cancun airport. Here is a tip I have not read anywhere else; call your bank before you go and not only tell them you’ll be in Mexico, but ask them if they are affiliated with any branches in Mexico. My bank, Bank of America, told me they are affiliated with Santander bank and if I use those ATms id save on fees. So I find a Santander ATM right outside customs and withdraw pesos for the evening and the next day.

I had arranged for a driver to pick us up and take us to the Hotel Casa Ticul. We get to the hotel around midnight, unpack and exhausted fall asleep. (beds are SUPER comfortable)

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Greece – Athens – Santorini – Milos Trip Report Part 2

14 Mar

In May of 2009 my girlfriend Holly and I traveled to Greece and visited Athens and the Cyclades Islands of Santorini and Milos. I will split this blog post into three parts by destination. You can view all photos of the trip here (my photos) and here (Holly’s Photos). This is part 2 of 3. Part 1 is here

So we arrive at the port of Athens, buy our Ferry tickets and board the Ferry. We got tickets on the “slow” ferry instead of the premium fast ferry. It was fairly relaxing to be on this type of Ferry. Provided it is not super cold, you can hang out on the deck watching the sea go by, and the Ferry usually stops at various other Greek Islands al0ng the Cyclades so you get a mini-tour. Continue reading

Greece – Athens – Santorini – Milos Trip Report Part 1

11 Nov

In May of 2009 my girlfriend Holly and I traveled to Greece and visited Athens and the Cyclades Islands of Santorini and Milos. I will split this blog post into three parts by destination. You can view all photos of the trip here (my photos) and here (Holly’s Photos). This is part 1 of 3. Part 2 is here.

Below is a video I created of the entire trip:

We picked this time of the year because airfare and hotel costs are fairly low due to it being low/mid season in Greece, and the temperatures are still warm enough for swimming.

We picked the Fresh Hotel in Athens based on proximity to the ancient Acropolis and good reviews online. We tend to like more trendy design/boutique hotels and this seemed to fit the bill. It even has an Ice bar.

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Delias catalog shot at Moorings, Islamorada

24 Feb

Lol..the latest Delias catalog totally was shot at one of my favorite secret vacation spots in Islamorada in the Florida Keys

My Vacation:


My vacation:


Beautiful Resort Prisons

28 Aug

Trip of a lifetime turns into holiday from hell as British couple are ‘poisoned, stabbed, stoned… and then robbed’

I don’t understand why people keep visiting Caribbean islands where you aren’t allowed to venture outside the resort or else you’ll get raped and robbed. These Caribbean islands are shitholes with unbelievable poverty. You can get the same beautiful beaches and water in the Florida keys and you won’t be raped and robbed and you can wander freely.

I know people who took honeynmoons to Egypt also and had to be escorted by heavily armed military anywhere they went. Seriously, why???

Video footage from my greek vacation – Santorini and Milos

25 Aug

also here are photos from the trip:

Cherry Blossom Festival DC 2009 Photos

6 Apr

Cherry Blossoms 2009 pics:

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

DC Lincoln Memorial Concert – Obama, U2, and a few people here and there

19 Jan

here is a cellphone pic I snapped at today’s concert

Florida – South Beach, The Keys, Dry Tortugas – Summer vacation 2008 Guide and Summary

21 Sep

Islamorada Moorings beach

Islamorada Moorings beach

To see all the photos from me click here.

To see all the photos by Holly click here

Just got back from my week long vacation to Florida (Sept 13-20) and what an amazing time we had! I went with my lovely GF Holly, and as both of us work hectic DC schedules this was a much-needed vacation.

Here is a Summary of where we went and what we did:

2 Nights South Beach – Pelican Hotel
– Held a baby sea turtle that was swimming with us
– Rented jet skis and toured the mansions of the millionaires and celebrities from the water
– Spent a lot of time at the beach

2 Nights Islamorada (middle keys) – Moorings Resort
– Went on a dolphin swim in Key West
– Kayaked along the beach
– Swam at Bahia Honda state park
– Spent a lot of time at the beach

3 Nights Key West – Westin Hotel
– Took a chartered catamaran out to the Dry Tortugas National park to see Fort Jeferson and Garden Key
– Took a boat out to Sunset Key just off key west and spent the whole day at a private beach
– Explored Key West

Read the whole thing here

Halloween Park – York Haven, PA review

17 Sep

ok i went to Halloween park in York Haven, PA. About an hour and a half drive.

I had a BLAST. There were not too many people there (it is still only mid September and it was the first night they were open) but it was cool cus me and Amy got to sort of have it to ourselves. The House of Doom (their main haunted house) is fun, has a ton of live actors and they had some impressive effects like a woman who levitates off the bed Exorcist-style. That effect in particular was very eerie and convincing.

The smaller side-attractions like the Electric chair is also very fun. I recommend the coffin, it was cool, they seal you in a coffin and then it feels like the nails are being pounded in, and your carried to the graveyard and buried..and there are some really great effects..the end of that “ride” is real good too I won’t give it away. They give you a severed hand with a emergency button to press in case you get too scared.

The séance room was another side attraction that’s really good, the ending of it scared me.

But the highlight of the night had to be the awesome House Of Terror. You get a candle..and have to escape the house. Every room seals you in..and you have to discover the clues so you can escape and go to the next room. It was very long, intricate and complex. I found myself genuinely stuck trying to find the exit or clue necessary to get to the next room. It also has a lot of scary surprises..with skeletons and whatnot jumping out at you, haunted beds and moving chairs.

At one point I was on my hands and knees in this creepy room’s closet trying to find the secret passageway.

anther time I found myself locked in a tiny crypt, a lone skeleton and two coffins on a dusty stone shelf my only company, lit only by the candle as I attempted to find the exit.

An other time I was in a graveyard carefully reading tombstones for my next clue.

It was SO MUCH FUN and the kind of thing only possible in these small town haunted attractions. The wait to get into the house of terror was understandably long as they had to wait for people to figure out the clues, but very very worth it.

Next weekend: eastern state penitentiary.

Photos from Halloween park

Halloween Haunted Attractions advice

11 Sep

Hey all, that magical time is coming, the time when the stench of death fills the air, the gloomy nights are filled with the howls of wolves and the screams of the doomed.

Yes, it’s almost Halloween! And more importantly, all the cool Haunted attractions start opening this weekend. I plan to visit all of the following (based on good reviews online and word of mouth). Has anyone already gone to any of these or are there any more that you can recommend??

These are all mostly in PA (yes its far but Lancaster county area seems to have the best attractions in the US) and im willing to drive up to 4 hours or so for any attraction from my zip code of 20723.

Haunt Worlds Best Haunted Houses in America article
AOL’s top 13 Haunted Houses 2007

Weekend of September 15th
Halloween Park (York Haven, PA)

Weekend of September 22nd
Terror Behind the Walls (Philly)

Weekend of September 28th
Field of Screams (Mountville, PA)

Weekend of October 5th
Bates Motel (Glen Mills, PA)

Weekend of October 12th
Jason’s Woods (Lancaster, PA)
Markoff’s Haunted Forest (Dickerson, MD)

Weekend of October 19th
ShocktoberFest (Reading, PA)

Weekend of October 26th
Headless Horseman (Ulster Park, NY..5 hour drive! ouch..But rated #1 for several years best in the entire country)

Thats my plans for the next month and a half!! Can’t WAIT!!

What goes on in Baltimore’s Red Light District: prostitution under the watch of the police

3 Apr

FormerStripper: well when i first started stripping down there i didn’t know how things worked…i didn’t know that all the girls were basically whores and fucked all their cliients in back rooms of the clubs. Everyone would do crack in the bathrooms.

FormerStripper: heres how it works.

FormerStripper: you go in ok? buy a drink, you have to have a drink to sit in there. girls will come up and try to get you to buy them drinks.

FormerStripper: if you see a girl you like, ask her if she does bottles and if she says yes then you can discuss exactly what you want from her, what you want to take place, etc, what she wants for her tip, usually $100.

FormerStripper: then you or the girl tell the bartender you want to go upstairs

FormerStripper: and you pay the bar 200 bucks

FormerStripper: and the bouncer takes you upstairs

FormerStripper: and thats it

FormerStripper:i only stripped for a few months because i was broke, desperate, and more strung out then ive ever been

BboyNeko: now are you sure this occurred in all the clubs

BboyNeko: like was it only in yours

FormerStripper: it happened in every club except one; i dont remember which one

FormerStripper: i think it was the diamond lounge where they didn’t do it

FormerStripper: yeah i think it was about the same price

BboyNeko: i bet the cops in on it

FormerStripper: yeah im sure theyre all paid off

BboyNeko: like the clubs pay the cops to not tattle to captains

FormerStripper: every night after work id have to go cop…id make hundreds and hundreds in tips just on drinks, dancing, and lap dances. and it would all be gone by the next day. All i spent it on was dope and rock.

FormerStripper: this one girl i hung out with at work and copped with sometimes, i wanted to cry when i looked at her. she was so fucking hot, beatiful body…really pretty hair, skin, eyes….but alas she was a ho, and shared needles