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The horror of existing

11 May

I am a fan of the work of the director Lars von Trier and his viewpoint on the inherit evil of existence.

I am of the opinion that existing is a horrible, depressing thing. And we need to constantly distract ourselves from that horror, if we are left too long to examine life we will walk away feeling empty and go a little crazy. Just take a completely neutral look at nature, the sea, the forest, your own backyard. Get rid of the fantasies of butterflies, beautiful flowers, singing birds, playful dolphins and really look. You will see horror: animals eaten alive, starving to death, babies eaten by parents because they are unfit, cold emotionless evil at all levels of life. Sometimes we like to think that all the evil of this earth is the fault of evil men. But in the absence of people there is plenty of horror and evil.

Art by Karina Marandjian –

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Space is not real – A great idea for unifying Quantum theory with Relativity

1 Dec

Wow I just came across a mind-blowing paper today..all I can say is wow. This is as exciting to me (perhaps more so) than when I came across the transactional interpretation of quantum physics.

Let me summarize it before linking to it.

It is written by Fotini Markopoulou, P.H.D. From her bio:

Born in Athens, Greece, she received her Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Imperial College, London. She held postdoctoral positions at Pennsylvania State University, Imperial College, and the Albert Einstein/Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Berlin, before moving to Canada in 2001 as a founding member and faculty at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, a research institute devoted to foundational issues in theoretical physics.

Anyway, I am just pointing out she is not some loon on the interweb but a highly educated theoretical physicist.

Basically she addresses the problem I have been struggling with for a long time.. why is it quantum physics and einsteinian general relativity do not agree?

Her answer in a nutshell: There is no space, there is no geometry. Motion is an illusion as is anything solid, or ‘here’ and ‘there’. Geometry arises from a lower energy state of the universe.

What is real? Energy and time.   In fact when we dig deep enough into “solid” matter we see it is just energy. ( And even more basic than that, all that is real is simply information. ) And to make it even creepier, energy in a state of ‘superposition’ all places at the same time. Until it is observed. The role of the observer in this is still not understood and she does not address this..she only seeks to unify general relativity with quantum physics. Unifying quantum theory and general relativity are one of the top 5 greatest problems facing modern theoretical physics.

(if you still don’t believe me that motion is an illusion i encourage you to read the following page:

Anyway, here is her essay:…1bae814fb4f9e9

I’ll cut and paste some of my favorite points from her paper:

“Space does not exist, so time can” – Fotini Markopoulou PHD (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

Quantum gravity is often seen as the problem of unifying or reconciling general relativity and quantum theory, combining the physics of the very large with that of the very small. There are certainly places where we need both, such as black hole physics, where no real progress can be made without a quantum theory of gravity. The incompatibility of general relativity and quantum theory can be stated in many ways and a classic one is the problem of time.

Quantum gravity has been facing the problem of time for half a century. Will it continue to cause trouble for the next half century? Or is the problem of time a fake problem? Could it be a paradox? We arrived at it by putting together true statements from general relativity and from quantum theory and we found a contradiction. Now, either fundamental science is stuck or we just have a paradox that will go away if we find the faulty premise. What can the faulty premise be?

Basically I view it like two opposing witnesses at a trial. Both give completely contradictory statements about what occurred. But both accounts are proven to be true. How can this be? As she points out it is a paradox, and as she also points both are true and factual statements. This is similar to when they PROVED without a shadow of a doubt that light was a particle in 1906, then PROVED without a shadow of a doubt that light is a wave in 1936. How can this be? Well we still don’t know that answer but it’s just some of the fun quantum weirdness we uncovered in the first half of the 20th century. She continues:

I must emphasize that no geometry does not mean discrete or fuzzy geometry. It means that the most primary aspects of geometry, such as the notion of \here” and \there” will cease to make sense. In fact, we have been grappling with no geometry for a while, in the traditional quantum gravity settings. A quantization of general relativity leads to a quantum superposition of all geometries. What is not often appreciated is that the superposition of all geometries is nothing like a geometry.

You may need to be more awake to grasp the next portion of her point of a world without geometry, but it makes sense. I keep telling you about how particles seem to be everywhere at once, all possibilities at once. Another way of looking at is as she points out is that they are in all geometric points at once. Much like floating in space and ‘up’ and ‘down’ ceasing to exist, when you are in the quantum scale of things, there is no ‘here’ or ‘there’. No geometry. Without geometry, there is no motion.

Take two geometries or, equivalently, two causal structures 1 and 2. Let us say that in geometry 1 event A and event B are close while in geometry 2 they are far. If you are event A, in world 1 you see event B here, in world 2 you see event B there. Now superpose not only 1 and 2 but all possible geometries. B is all over the place. (This is the easy version, I am assuming you can identify A and B in both which, in fact, you generally cannot do since you need the notion of here and there to assign identity).

The monstrosity we just created does not even have a sensible notion of here and there, the most basic aspect of geometry. It also does not have a notion of dimension. It’s only the fact that we call it “quantum geometry”, a combination of two words we understand, that fools us into thinking we comprehend it.

Cool stuff right? This starts to make sense to me. I am convinced motion can’t be real, and by extension geometry can not be real. Here is a very solid mathematical proof (her paper has all the math, which I don’t pretend to understand, I stick to these mind exercises instead) that geometry is not real. And by extension motion can’t possibly be real. This explains some of the effects we see in quantum physics..of particles being everywhere at once, having all possibilities at once. All geometric possibilities..because the geometry is not something that is real..the energy is. The geometry (the collapse of the wave function/ decoherenece ) only becomes ‘real’ once an observer observes the particle. Again, she does not go as far as explaining why observers have any effect on reality, but I feel she hints at her opinion/theory here:

Background independence means to make no distinction between geometry and matter and to describe the dynamics of the universe as seen by observers inside it. Di eomorphisms are not about timelessness but about being inside a dynamical universe, a ffecting it and being a ffected by it, constituting it.\

She then continues about how geomtry arrises from a fundamental universe that has no geometry/space:

Let us name geometrogenesis the process of transitioning from a fundamental quantum theory of gravity without geometry to the known geometric physics. The geometrogenesis scenario is a simple one. At high energy, or in the early universe, there is no notion of geometry or geometric locality.

Having raised the possibility that geometry does not exist at the fundamental level, we now need to find a way to do physics without geometry. This may appear hard because all our physics is done with geometry. But we can use a relational and information theoretic language.

In this essay I argued that the problem of time is really a paradox that can be traced to taking spacetime geometry too seriously, beyond its domain of applicability. Timelessness refers only to the geometric time, not the microscopic fundamental time. Fundamental time exists but space, geometry and gravity do not.

This also goes back to what I have concluded myself from my own studies. Why is it gravity and momentum are indistinguishable? The conclusion I came to is this:

What if the things affected by gravity and momentum are not real? And the “forces” we feel are a result of this? Gravity affects mass (which is not real) and momentum is the “force” we feel..the magical tugging when we move. Maybe movement is not real either..and that is why these “forces’ magically tug and push at us, and why the forces are identical. The more mass..the more gravity…the more speed…the more momentum.

This paper, and her theory, go a long way to unifying classic general relativity with quantum theory. She is one smart greek! And it is perhaps poetic that one of the original people who proposed motion was not real was Xenophanes (Zeno) over 2,500 years ago. Motion can not possibly be space/geometry can not be real either.

If we come across a viable and testable quantum gravitational theory within my lifetime I will be ecstatic!

here is another paper that comes to similar conclusions:

The Five Great Unsolved Problems of Modern Physics.

27 Oct

They are as follows:

  1. Figure out a way to get Relativity and Quantum Physics to agree. (right now both are considered true but both disagree with each other, a real doozy of cognitive dissonance)
  2. Figure out WTF Dark matter is or if it exists at all (I don’t think it exists, I think it simply shows our current subscription to general relativity as the model for most everything is flawed)
  3. Figure out a way to remove the observer from Quantum physics (many scientists consider it a problem that consciousness plays any role in reality and view it as an error in how we interpret Quantum Physics..I disagree I think that the results are correct and consciousness does indeed play a role in reality) or make better sense of why the observer/consciousness is so critical to the experimental results. (this has been described as the SINGLE GREATEST problem facing modern science and the biggest obstacle for it to make any progress).
    1. If it is impossible to remove the observer from Quantum Physics the conclusion is inescapable: The information recorded by an observer is read by the Universe, and the Universe adjusts probability accordingly. In other words the separation between us and everything else is some sort of illusion.
  4. Unify Particles and Forces
  5. The Physical reasons or mechanism responsible for setting the free constants in the standard model or particle physics are “chosen” by nature somehow. We don’t know why or how.


6 Oct

We accept that time can go infinitely into the future. Cause effect, cause and effect, over and over infinity into the future. What if then, that applies backward in time as well? Effect and cause, effect and cause, over and over infinitely into the past? Then there would be no need for a first cause. First cause defies logic anyway, as it would then render causality useless and meaningless. First cause would imply that causality is not a hard-and-fast law, but something that happens only now and then. First cause is a cause with no effect, which again, would disprove causality as a constant law of the universe. Infinite causes into the past would not only do away with the concept of first cause, but make “now” a sort of moot point. “now” is always evolving anyway, it comes and goes. It’s more a concept than a reality. More an idea than a tangible thing.

To put it in a nutshell: just as there is no end to everything, there is no beginning to everything. It all And was. And will always be.

Honey is amazing for wounds

21 Mar

So a cat shredded my face

Cat scratched my face..stupid cat.

2nd photo is me after 1 week of treatment to my wound with nothing but honey.

Prime numbers are directly related to quantum physics

13 Mar

I was reading a book this morning and came across something I had not read before: Prime numbers are directly linked to quantum energy levels. That is astounding!

This link explains it very well, Basically prime numbers are the building blocks of numbers in general of math and no one has been able to find a pattern for over 2,000 years as to how they are distributed, until this guy Bernhard Riemann discovered that if you plotted the numbers in 2 dimensional space to give them height, you create landscape..and in this landscape you see a pattern of areas that are at ‘sea level’. He hypothesized that all prime numbers fall in this zero area/sea level. it’s called the Riemann hypothesis.

The landscape created by the Riemann hypothesis it turns out, directly matches the quantum energy levels of atoms. This is amazing! It’s like in the Matrix where neo sees the code that builds his world. Again, I do not believe there is such a thing as ‘random’ and that everything has a pattern. Everything is ordered and anything that seems chaotic is not. Prime numbers seemed chaotic and without pattern for 2,000 years until Bernhard Riemann came up with his hypothesis. Same with the energy levels of atoms and their distribution.

This is cool shit, why does anyone use religion to answer the mysteries of life?? Math and science answer everything if we pry deep enough.

The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

29 May

Quantum mechanics has been a favorite topic of research for me for a long time. I believe there is ultimate truth hidden within it, especially as we refine our understanding of what we have observed in such mind-boggling experiments as the double-slit experiment or the delayed-choice quantum eraser experiment, and especially the Elitzur-Vaidman Bomb testing problem.

There are two main interpretations for what is going on, the Copenhagen interpretation (currently the most accepted), and the Many-Worlds Interpretation.

Neither ever seemed “right” to me. It didn’t seem “right” to Einstein either and he famously spent many years arguing against the Copenhagen Interpretation.

I read about a different theory that I had never come across before called the Transactional Interpretation. THIS one feels right. It was first postulated by John G. Cramer, Professor of Physics at the University of Washington in 1986.

What is it? In a nutshell, it assumes that probability waves travel backward in time as well as forward in time. This explains many paradoxes present in current Quantum theory.

Here is a great blog entry about Transactional Interpretation:

Some good quotes from there:

It turns out that if you don’t just look at the particle that’s sending out the radiation but also look at the one that’s absorbing it, the second particle’s backward-in-time wave reinforces the first particle’s forward-in-time wave between the particles, but the second particle’s backward-in-time wave cancels out the first particle’s backward-in-time wave, which is why you don’t see a backward-in-time wave before the first particle; and the second particle’s forward-in-time wave cancels out the first particle’s forward-in-time wave, which is why you don’t see a forward-in-time wave after the second particle has absorbed it.


  • Step 1: The emitter sends out an “offer wave” forward in time (OW /Retarded wave).
  • Step 2: The absorber responds with a “confirmation wave” backward in time (CW /Advanced wave).
  • Step 3: The process repeats until energy and momentum is transferred and the transaction is completed (wave function collapse).

His concluding paragraph is especially striking for reasons I highlite in bold:

An additional advantage of the transactional interpretation seems to be that time is relegated from being some grand causal factor to being just another co-ordinate. This parallels what happens in classical dynamics – where, since everything is determined by everything else, the entire behaviour of the universe can be portrayed as a static unchanging configuration in 3-plus-1-dimensional space and the entire notion of “cause” disappears. This precedent seems to say that a physical theory that requires concepts of causality is in some way flawed. If the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics really does remove that flaw then it is something we have been waiting for for a long time.

Casualty, for those unfamiliar with it, is basically the law that everything must be caused by something else. This is the backbone behind many creationists belief that ‘something’ (someone) caused the big bang, or caused matter, life etc. This theory, as stated in the quoted paragraph, removes causality, literally from the equation. Time is not a flowing foward thing, but a static coordinate. We may experience life flowing forward, but the behavior of particles in the Quantum scale seem to indicate that is not the nature of the universe, that it ‘actually’ exists without time as we know it. Trasnactional theory explains how photons can ‘know’ things about events that have not occurred (as in the case with Quantum computers or the Elitzur-Vaidman Bomb testing problem. The photons “know” the future because they receive Advanced waves from the future after sending out retarded (scientific term for it) waves from the present and react to that. It is why some people formulated the many-worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, to explain this almost psychic ability.

Einstein even joked that if Quantum Mechanics was true, then he’d have to believe in telepathy. He called entanglement of particles ‘spooky action at a distance’. Quantum mechanics goes against everything we hold to be true, and is still shocking today as much as it was in the 1930’s, probably more so.

What was even more interesting that reading about the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics is that an experiment in 2004 seems to prove it. It is called the Afshar experiment. The provided link explains it in detail, but in a nutshell it seems to disprove or at least cast serious doubt in the much-cherished Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. This has caused a enormous controversy amongst physicist, who are pretty much united in believing Afshar’s conclusions are wrong but all differ on why they feel it is wrong. John G. Cramer feels that this experiment definitely proves his Transactional interpretation, and there are quite a few physicists that agree with him.

it appears that the Transactional Interpretation is the only interpretation of the three discussed that has survived the Afshar test. It also appears that other interpretations on the market (Decoherence, Consistent- Histories, etc.) fail the Afshar Test.

– From a PowerPoint presentation given by John G. Cramer

I am excited about this because as I said before, it “feels” right and helps explain the almost psychic behavior of photons in quantum computers. They react to possibilities that have NOT YET Occurred in our present. This is to put it mildly, a huge mind-fuck.

It eliminates the need for an observer, and therefore solves all the observer-based paradoxes of the Copenhagen interpretation such as Wigner’s Friend and Schrodinger’s cat.

I read an interesting blog entry that states Transactional Interpretation is very similar to how TCP/IP works on the internet, with the added factor of information being sent backward in time of course. That same blog entry has this paragraph which got me very excited:

As we have seen, there is actual experimental evidence that electrons and photons seem to “know” in advance what they will encounter on the other side of a double-slit experiment.

This is easily explained by the Transactional interpretation. The electrons or photons send out retarded waves into the future which interact with whatever lies beyond the slits. If there are detectors that are turned on, the retarded waves interact with them, if there are no detectors, the waves interact with some electrons on a projection screen instead. In either case, an advanced wave is sent backwards in time from the detectors or the projection screen to the point of origin of the electrons or photons so that they “know” how to behave before they get to the two-slit screen.

and here is a good summary of the three interpretations discussed in my blog entry:

1. The Copenhagen interpretation – Absolute reality does not exist, but there are an infinite number of potential realities. When conscious observers come along, the Universe collapses into reality when observed. So it is never safe to turn your back on the Universe, because you never know what it might be up to behind your back while you are not looking! The Copenhagen interpretation solves the age old question of, “If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?”, with, “Of course not, because there is no tree and there is no forest!”. So the Copenhagen interpretation does not go very far as an explanation of quantum mechanics. In fact, you could explain just about anything with a similar argument.

2. The Many-Worlds interpretation – Absolute reality really does exist, but it is spread across an infinite number of realities in an infinite number of parallel universes. This is more of an explanation of quantum mechanics than the Copenhagen interpretation, but it comes with the high cost of a large amount of real estate.

3. The Transactional interpretation – There is only one reality and it “really” does exist. The only thing we have to contend with is the idea of the future sending waves back into the past. But we already have experimental evidence that this really happens!

As you can see, the Transactional interpretation comes with much less philosophical baggage than either the Copenhagen or Many-Worlds interpretations.

As Einstein famously said regarding the Copenhagen interpretation, “Do you really believe the moon does not exist if you do not look at it?”

I am thrilled to come across an interpretation of Quantum mechanics that makes sense to me, in my gut, and helps explain phenomena I have experienced and seen such as Remote Viewing.

In fact, Cramer is currently setting up an experiment that would allow the receiver to receive a message 50 microseconds before it was sent by the sender (using entangled particles), demonstrating retro-causal signaling. Basically, getting information from the future.

Also, this transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics would help explain the Bereitschaftspotential observed in human brains.

– Article talking about how Dr. Cramer needs funding to prove his theories

Public donates over $35,000 to fund Dr. John G. Cramer’s research – This article has information about how to donate to Dr. Cramer and the University

Niels Bohr, Electrons, and FUCK

28 May

I was reading a fascinating book entitled ‘Quantum Legacy: The Discovery That Changed Our Universe‘ by Barry R. Parker. It details the history of the discovery of Quantum Physics from the discovery of the Atom, to the various atomic models proposed by physicists to the exploration of what exactly, light IS. What is everything made of? What is behind chemical reactions? What causes atoms to bond to one another?

In the middle of the chapter detailing the life of Niels Bohr I came across this:

Niels Bohr

The word FUCK written in large letters directly over an otherwise useful and interesting, and previously decidedly unvulgar diagram detailing Bohr’s atomic model, complete with the various energy levels of electrons. Now I am pleased that an obviously mischief-minded youth actually picked up a book about such a weighty topic as Quantum Mechanics, let alone visited a public library at all. At least he glanced at this important diagram as evidenced by his taking time to write something on that page. Who knows if he one day grows up and advances our understanding of the universe. Doubtful, but possible.

Einstein was an Atheist

13 May

Full Article

LONDON (AFP) – Albert Einstein described belief in God as “childish superstition” and said Jews were not the chosen people, in a letter to be sold in London this week, an auctioneer said Tuesday. The father of relativity, whose previously known views on religion have been more ambivalent and fueled much discussion, made the comments in response to a philosopher in 1954.

I especially love this quote:

‘”The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.”

This should settle the debate once and for all in regards to Einstein’s belief in God.


Quantum Ghost Imaging

8 May

Camera takes pictures of something it isn’t even pointed at, no mirrors involved thanks to Quantum Mechanics

This is really mind-blowing. The camera takes photos of objects it is not even looking at it. It’s creepy, kind of supernatural/psychic. There is disagreement among the scientific community ig ghost imaging is a quantum phenomena at all, but this latest experiment claims to demonstrate it is Quantum once and for all.

I love how all these experiments are done a few miles from my home

Here is the best article I could find explaining Quantum Ghost Imaging:

Here is a diagram I created to help me try and understand how it works, and the diagram is showing how a spy satellite would work:

How Quantum Ghost Imaging Works

  1. Light is split BEFORE it hits the target by a special orbiting light splitting satellite, let’s say a military base is the target. It is hidden behind dense cloud cover.
  2. The ghost image taking spy satellite is equal distance from the splitter as the target is from the splitter.
  3. There is a photon detector on the splitter (d1). It will detect all sort of scattered photons and light being reflected back from earth, lots of noise and blurry stuff.
  4. There is also a photon detector on the camera taking satellite (d2). It too, will detect all sorts of noise from light reflected off everything.
  5. Anytime both d1 and d1 detect a hit at the exact same time, that is counted as a pixel towards creating the ghost image. This is why the satellite and target need to be the exact same distance from the splitter. Any photon hits that don’t occur at the exact same time are discarded as noise.

What is amazing about this, is that the resulting image will be clear and focused, as if the cloud cover is not there. Not only that the camera is not taking photos of light reflected off the target as occurs in classical photography and classical optics. It is only taking pictures of light that HAS NEVER INTERACTED with the target. That is mind-blowing.

The reason this seems to occur is when the light is split, the photons are entangled..whatever happens to one entangled photon happens to the other, no matter the distance. Einstein called this ‘spooky action at a distance’ and is completely unexplained.

This is just my amateur attempt at understanding Quantum Ghost Imaging, if anyone wishes to correct me please do so.

Schrödinger’s cat

25 Sep

The wikipedia images used to illustrate the classic Quantum Physics thought experiment of Schrödinger’s cat are hilarious. That is all.

Huge Science Breakthrough – Real Invisibility Laser

31 Jul;jsessionid=V5INTLNTEYTH1QFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2006/05/03/winvis03.xml

It sounds like magic: walls, curtains, even dresses could be rendered transparent by bathing them in a specially crafted beam of light.

By exploiting the way that atoms move in solids the researchers have made solid materials turn completely transparent. ‘This real life x-ray specs effect relies on a property of matter that is usually ignored that the electrons it contains move in a wave-like way’, says Chris Phillips. ‘What we have learnt is how to control these waves directly’.


Bilateral symmetry is so cool and interesting!

21 Jul

Bilateral symmetry is fascinating!

Today I was wondering about the the tendency of most life to have a division line so that the left side of an organism exactly mirrors the right. Left hand, right hand, left eye, right eye, etc.

Also in ontogeny, the developing fetus “fuses” a left and right side… for example, the philtrum is formed when the maxillary and nasomedial processes ‘fuse’ during development. When this does not occur correctly you end up with Jaquin Phoenix. (Clef palate)

Even in leaves you see a line where the left and right sides are mirrored. So I did some research and came across Bilateral symmetry. (that line that divides the mirror halves is called the sagittal plane)

Bilateral symmetry apparently permits streamlining (great for fishies and birds), allows the development of a central nerve center via cephalization (and holy shit, cephalization is amazing! it’s when all the nerves start to concentrate at one point in the body..this is how the brain evolved and a central nervous system developed), and helps to promote actively mobile organisms. It’s found in Chordates. (we are of the phylum Chordata)

Most of our internal organs like the kidneys, lungs and even the encephalon are symmetrical, while others are not – liver, heart, pancreas for example.

These organs will be found in either the left or right side of the body. There are even some known malformations ( teratogenic ) that cause these asymmetrical organs to be reversed in their position, like Situs Inversus (mirror arrangement of internal organs) or dextrocardia (the heart is on the right side of the chest).

Bilateral symmetry, although prevalent, is not universal in the animal kingdom: echinoderms and cnidarians, for instance, have radial symmetry

But the Prifera have NO symmetry. They are just squishy.


An instantaneous, beneficial mutation probably caused batwings to almost instantly evolve. (Xmen?)

24 May

An instantaneous, beneficial mutation probably caused batwings to almost instantly (in phylogenic terms) evolve.

This is very interesting. I was reading about how recent discoveries in bat phylogeny have given tantalizing evidence that bat wings as a morphological structure probably evolved almost instantly, via random, beneficial mutation. I couldn’t help but think of the premise behind the fictional X-Men universe after reading this.

This supports the theory of punctuated equilibrium(first proposed in 1972 by Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould).This theory basically states that evolution is not necessarily gradual; instead, long periods of relative morphological stability can be punctuated (hence punctuated equilibrium) by periods of drastic and rapid evolutionary change, and new species can appear relatively instantly.

Quantum Physics is Magic

9 Mar

“One memorable quote from Niels Bohr emerged after he had tried to explain quantum theory to a lecture room full of philosophers. He was amazed to find that all the philosophers sat there calmly and seemed to accept all the new ideas with nary a raise of the eyebrow.

“Anyone who is not shocked after his first acquaintance with quantum mechanics has not understood it in the least”, he said.

That is so true. Today I came across this page regarding the Elitzur-Vaidman bomb-testing problem. It made my brain explode.

Who needs religion when we have Quantum Physics? I mean… They just had a quantum computer solve a fucking problem without even RUNNING ANY PROGRAMS. That’s like getting puked on by a baby who hasn’t even been conceived yet:

Quantum computing without computing

What would happen if you powered up your computer and it gave you some results before opening any program? You would probably think that some kind of malware has infested your system. But with the optical quantum computer designed by researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), this is now a reality. This quantum computer can find the answer to an algorithm without running it by using “counterfactual computation.” And if you think it’s bizarre, even the leader of the scientists’ team agrees with you:

“In a sense, it is the possibility that the algorithm could run which prevents the algorithm from running,” Kwiat said. “That is at the heartof quantum interrogation schemes, and to my mind, quantum mechanics doesn’t get any more mysterious than this.”

*runs around in circles screaming*

Zombie Dogs no longer just for chasing Milla Jovovich

29 Jun

In an earlier post I had mentioned that this article:

Scientists Create Zombie Dogs

Was probably fake. Well my curiosity got the better of me.

Using my Woodward/Bernstein-like investigative skills I contacted Samuel Tisherman, M.D. – Associate Director of the Shock and Suspended Animation program at the Safar Center for Resuscitation research in Pittsburgh.

Here is his reply:

Unfortunately, the truth of our research has been greatly exaggerated by the tabloid press especially in Europe. FYI, here is the non-tabloid version of the truth:

Here is a quote from the article:

The British tabloid press caught wind of this work and a series of hair-raising stories began to circulate on the Internet last weekend referring to “zombie dogs,” complete with inflammatory werewolf photos. The stories have made their way through cyberspace to media outlets as far away as Australia.

“It’s so unfair and so bizarre,” Kochanek said. “Somebody must have thought the title ‘zombie dog’ would be a catchy phrase. Obviously they were right, but obviously that is the farthest thing from what we are doing, which is trying to save lives.”

Then Samuel Tisherman added:

P.S. – Actually, we really are creating zombie dog armies, don’t tell anyone though. oh wait i have to go theres some sort of scuffle in the hallway. oh dear go

Then it abruptly ended?? :shrug:

But for serious I did contact him and he confirmed the story is true but exaggerated.

It’s amazing how little we know

31 May

The Precambrian or Cryptozoic is the period of the geologic timescale from the formation of Earth (around 4500 million years before the present [BP]) to the evolution of abundant macroscopic hard-shelled fossils, which marked the beginning of the Cambrian, some 542 million years BP. Remarkably little is known about the Precambrian, despite it making up roughly seven-eighths of the earth’s history, and what little is known has largely been discovered in the past four or five decades.

SEVEN EIGHTHS??? Holy crap..87 % of earth’s history is unknown to us? Let’s make this even more amazing..

Humans (Homo Sapiens) are about 250,000 years old or so…of that time..only 6,000 years of our history is known. That leaves over 240,000 of human history completely unknown. It’s amazing how little we know of our past. We have a huge collective amnesia regarding the history of both earth and of ourselves. We are just suddenly one day conscious of self..and learn about functioning in society..but have no clue as to the history of what came before us and where we have been as a species.

Add on top of that that the basic ‘forces’ of nature, the strong nuclear force, the electromagnetic force, the weak nuclear force, and the gravitational force are unknown as to how they work. Sure we can make calculations on their effects and send rockets to the moon using the calculations, but we still don’t really know WHAT the forces are exactly. Theoretical physics attempts to explain them with the holy grail of physics, the grand unified theory. We might be getting closer with Quantum mechanics (i don’t subscribe to super string theory)

Pioneer 10 was launched on March 2, 1972, and until 1997 was sending clear signals to earth of Jupiter. Exciting in ofitself. But there is a problem. (que the “Houston we have a problem” sound bite)

There are unexplained forces tugging at Pioneer and changing it’s course. This basically means everything we thought we knew about gravity is wrong, and we need to go back to the drawing board. This is also Occurring to Pioneer 11.

Which leaves open staggering possibilities that would force wholesale reprinting of all physics could be that:

  • Invisible dark matter is tugging at the probes
  • Other dimensions create small forces we don’t understand
  • -Gravity works differently than we think

This reflects once again the huge difference between science and religion; (other than scientists don’t burn other scientists at the stake who don’t agree with them) Science is always willing to completely change it’s explanation for natural phenomena when faced with new evidence, and willingly admit they were in error. Religion often will cling to their beliefs DESPITE evidence, (for example many fundamentalist Christians believe dinosaurs lived with man and earth is only 6,000 years old and that less than 6,000 years ago the entire earth was covered by water)

Anyway, to add to the list of things scientists cannot yet explain are: How a Venus flytrap closes it’s trap, how a cat purrs, why we get drowsy and need sleep and dream, and more.

Basically, we don’t know shit.

Interesting Medical Fact: Human can regenerate limbs

1 Apr

I was reading about limb regeneration because I was bored today, and found out that relatively recently it was discovered human beings, along with salamanders, are the only known vertebrates capable of limb regeneration, although our ability is greatly limited when compared to the Salamander:

Like many discoveries, this one was made by accident. In 1974, a child arrived at the emergency room of Sheffield Children’s Hospital in England. A piece of farm machinery had sliced off her fingertip. The standard procedure in such injuries is to smooth the exposed bone and sew the skin closed, but due to a clerical mixup, the girl was not seen by a surgeon that day. When surgeon Cynthia Illingworth caught up with the error a few days later, she was surprised to find the fingertip was growing back. She ordered staff not to touch it. Within three months, the bone, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels, skin, nail, cuticle and motor nerves had grown back as though the accident had never occurred.

Studies have since documented more than 1,000 such cases. In fact, if a finger is guillotined beyond the outermost joint, in a child 11 years or younger, it always grows back within 90 days.

Does anyone have a younger brother, sister, nephew etc. who wants to try a fun science experiment and document it?

Digital Life Evolves – Cool article about evolution and experiments

22 Feb

Extremely fascinating article about an experiment at Michigan State University that simulates evolution and natural selection, proving that so-called irreducibly complex systems can indeed evolve from less complex systems, and that life always finds a way:

Ofria has been finding that digital organisms have a way of outwitting him as well.

Not long ago, he decided to see what would happen if he stopped digital organisms from adapting. Whenever an organism mutated, he would run it through a special test to see whether the mutation was beneficial. If it was, he killed the organism off.

“You’d think that would turn off any further adaptation,” he says. Instead, the digital organisms kept evolving. They learned to process information in new ways and were able to replicate faster. It took a while for Ofria to realize that they had tricked him. They had evolved a way to tell when Ofria was testing them by looking at the numbers he fed them. As soon as they recognized they were being tested, they stopped processing numbers.

“If it was a test environment, they said, ‘Let’s play dead,’ ” says Ofria. “There’s this thing coming to kill them, and so they avoid it and go on with their lives.”

When Ofria describes these evolutionary surprises, admiration and ruefulness mix in is voice. “Here I am touting Avida as a wonderful system where you have full knowledge of everything and can control anything you want-except I can’t get them to stop adapting. Life will always find a way.”

I find this enormously interesting as it demonstrates how life as we know it evolves, and why we have for example, sexual reproduction and not asexual reproduction for higher organisms, why we have diversity, why there has to be death and survival of the fittest. This makes much more sense than the God explanation.

Remote Viewing

21 Jan

Listen to this:

“U.S. News and World Report” January 27, 2003 is a double issue on the state of the US intelligence community, and features a two-page article on the government’s former Star Gate remote viewing program. Paul H. Smith and Russell Targ were interviewed for this piece, as were others in the remote viewing community. Whether the program will be portrayed in a positive light is not known, but the journalist working on it seemed quite favorably disposed.”

Wow! Kick ass, I have been a major fan of remote viewing, most of the stargate program took place right here in fort meade Maryland. Stargate was abn officially government funded psychic spy program. Former President Carter, in a speech to college students in Atlanta in September 1995, is quoted by Reuters as saying that during his administration a plane went down in Zaire, and a meticulous sweep of the African terrain by American spy satellites failed to locate any sign of the wreckage. It was then “without my knowledge” that the head of the CIA (Adm. Stansfield Turner) turned to the stargate program. As told by Carter, “they gave some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point and the plane was there.”

I have spoken to former members of stargate and it’s very interesting. I need to start practicing this stuff more, anyone can do it with training and practice.

tFigure Figure 2 target

DNA storage…song lyrics?

13 Jan

Scientists have just found that Song lyrics spliced into man-made DNA and then put in living bacteria can be retrieved fairly easily. One wonder what scientists do all day to come up with something like this. Apparently the current methods of storing information, wether it be magnetic and electronic (tapes, computer hard drives) to non-living organic (paper, shaving message into the back of a dead cat) are easily lost and destroyed. So they figured that in case there was some cataclysmic disaster important information could thrive and survive in hardy bacteria which would reproduce and carry their message to successive generations.

[b]”The scientists took the words of the song It’s a Small World and translated it into a code based on the four “letters” of DNA. They then created artificial DNA strands recording different parts of the song. These DNA messages, each about 150 bases long, were inserted into bacteria such as E. coli and Deinococcus radiodurans.

The latter is especially good at surviving extreme conditions, says Wong. It can tolerate high temperatures, desiccation, ultraviolet light and ionising radiation doses 1000 times higher than would be fatal to humans.”[/b]

Now this is something that has always facinated me, this type of idea. Why? because in such a scenario, where this life forms sole purpose was to carry an important message in DNA…well…it’s reproduction and survival as a race would be more important than anything else. Individual bacteria’s life would be unimportant. Survival to reproduce would be #1 priority. Well….isn’t that how life is structured now? We live seemingly only to reproduce..and survival of the species is far more important than survival of individuals. The structure of evolution..survival of the fittest etc..ensures that only the ones most able to survive live on to reproduce..and have offspring who will also survive, and those too weak or unable to reproduce die out, ensuring survival of the fittest.

Now going back to that would go on in its little bacteria world..reproducing, living, unaware of it’s purpose. Maybe we are like that bacteria..maybe we carry some important information in our genetic structure that our current technology cannot decipher yet. I hope to god though, that it is not the lyrics to “it’s a small world after all”