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Playa Del Carmen Trip Report

12 May

Here is a video montage I put together using music from Mexican band Belanova of our trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico in May 2011:

And here is a link to my complete photo album of this trip.

Night 1

We arrive late night in Cancun airport. Here is a tip I have not read anywhere else; call your bank before you go and not only tell them you’ll be in Mexico, but ask them if they are affiliated with any branches in Mexico. My bank, Bank of America, told me they are affiliated with Santander bank and if I use those ATms id save on fees. So I find a Santander ATM right outside customs and withdraw pesos for the evening and the next day.

I had arranged for a driver to pick us up and take us to the Hotel Casa Ticul. We get to the hotel around midnight, unpack and exhausted fall asleep. (beds are SUPER comfortable)

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Greece – Athens – Santorini – Milos Trip Report Part 2

14 Mar

In May of 2009 my girlfriend Holly and I traveled to Greece and visited Athens and the Cyclades Islands of Santorini and Milos. I will split this blog post into three parts by destination. You can view all photos of the trip here (my photos) and here (Holly’s Photos). This is part 2 of 3. Part 1 is here

So we arrive at the port of Athens, buy our Ferry tickets and board the Ferry. We got tickets on the “slow” ferry instead of the premium fast ferry. It was fairly relaxing to be on this type of Ferry. Provided it is not super cold, you can hang out on the deck watching the sea go by, and the Ferry usually stops at various other Greek Islands al0ng the Cyclades so you get a mini-tour. Continue reading

Dramatic squirrel versus cats encounter

10 May

Here is some very dramatic footage I shot this morning of my cats freaking out over a very close encounter of the squirrel kind.

I am fairly sure that music is the same music running through every squirrels head. As for cats, I am pretty certain if you were to delve into their furry little minds you would see this.

Some photos and video I took at the 2010 White House Correspondents Dinner

3 May

These are photos and video I took at the 2010 White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC. We had a lot of fun. We saw alec baldwin, Ryan Seacrest, Jonas Brothers, Kal Penn (kumar), Colin Powell, Zach Galifianakis, Jimmy Falon, Jennie Sanford, Dennis Kucinich and wife.



Bboyneko popping – UMCP

24 Mar

Some recent footage (3/24/2010 and 25th) of me practicing popping at the University of Maryland breakdancing practice.

Delias catalog shot at Moorings, Islamorada

24 Feb

Lol..the latest Delias catalog totally was shot at one of my favorite secret vacation spots in Islamorada in the Florida Keys

My Vacation:


My vacation:


Video footage from my greek vacation – Santorini and Milos

25 Aug

also here are photos from the trip:

My One and Only – My scene with Renee Zelwegger

10 Aug

Here is a screengrab from the trailer of ‘my one and only’ that shows my short scene with Renee Zellweger. I am at the :46 mark or so in the trailer

Here is my original post that talks about my experience on the set:

Screenshots from my new TC-P54G10 Plasma HDTV

20 Jul

Here are some screenshots I took from my new 54″ Panasonic TC-p54G10 Plasma HDTV:

Casino Royal on a TCP54G10

Casino Royal on a TCP54G1

Casino Royal on a TCP54G1

Speed Racer on a TCP54G1

Speed Racer on a TCP54G1

Speed Racer on a TCP54G1

The Fall on a TCP54G1

The Fall on a TCP54G1

I made a dance video lolz

1 May

lol I love jibjab:

Video of me dancing – audition for step up 3d

8 Apr

here is a video I uploaded in response to Director Jon Chu’s request for dancers for Step Up 3D

Cherry Blossom Festival DC 2009 Photos

6 Apr

Cherry Blossoms 2009 pics:

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Honey is amazing for wounds

21 Mar

So a cat shredded my face

Cat scratched my face..stupid cat.

2nd photo is me after 1 week of treatment to my wound with nothing but honey.

Reincarnation TV Pilot – SWAT team

19 Mar

I get to be a SWAT team guy in a TV pilot this coming Tuesday. I am going to a firing range Monday for tactical assault rifle training. The pilot is called “reincarnation”. It’s directed by the guy who directs HOUSE.

Also here is some video footage of me doing some basic tactics training:

Cat shredded my face

12 Mar

stupid cat was sleeping on computer monitor..he fell off  ‘cus hes a dumb-ass and as he fell he accidentally shredded my face.

this is the dumb cat:

I was working on some CSS at the time and this is what was on my screen after the unfortunate incident:

accronym, abbr {


I healed my face in 1 week using only pure honey to treat the wound

The back of my head! with Ben Affleck

11 Mar

Screengrabs of me in the ‘State of Play’ trailer:

Here is my old LJ entry about the day we filmed:

High School Musical 3

4 Nov

me in high school musical 3 lol

Florida – South Beach, The Keys, Dry Tortugas – Summer vacation 2008 Guide and Summary

21 Sep

Islamorada Moorings beach

Islamorada Moorings beach

To see all the photos from me click here.

To see all the photos by Holly click here

Just got back from my week long vacation to Florida (Sept 13-20) and what an amazing time we had! I went with my lovely GF Holly, and as both of us work hectic DC schedules this was a much-needed vacation.

Here is a Summary of where we went and what we did:

2 Nights South Beach – Pelican Hotel
– Held a baby sea turtle that was swimming with us
– Rented jet skis and toured the mansions of the millionaires and celebrities from the water
– Spent a lot of time at the beach

2 Nights Islamorada (middle keys) – Moorings Resort
– Went on a dolphin swim in Key West
– Kayaked along the beach
– Swam at Bahia Honda state park
– Spent a lot of time at the beach

3 Nights Key West – Westin Hotel
– Took a chartered catamaran out to the Dry Tortugas National park to see Fort Jeferson and Garden Key
– Took a boat out to Sunset Key just off key west and spent the whole day at a private beach
– Explored Key West

Read the whole thing here

My Acting Monologue

22 May

Here is a shitty quality video of me practicing my monologue, I am delivering this monologue tomorrow for Betsy Royall casting here in Baltimore:

Version 1

Version 2
(I just added this 2nd version)

Someone else’s take on the same monologue

I never claimed to be great lol, you should see some A-list stars act, as bad as this is I know for a fact it’s better than some A-list guys I saw “act” in person. It’s what encouraged me to try harder in acting, if someone THAT BAD can make it, literally anyone can.

I’m happy I even am getting an opportunity with her, she’s a big casting agent.

Step Up 2 The Streets photos and trailer and more

30 Jan

Step Up 2 The Streets Poster

There is a great New Step Up 2 The Streets dance mash up video up that everyone needs to watch.

This video shows many of the same scenes from the official trailer but shows WAY more dancing. My friends alex and keith do their 2-man helicopter in the youtube clip at around the 1:29 mark. It might interest you guys to know at the 0:41 mark in the youtube clip the person doing the headspins is a girl. Her name is Shorty Welch. You can see me in the youtube clip at around the 0:57 mark.

My photobucket album of Step Up 2. This has a bunch of photos of when the movie’s lead Rob Hoffman went and danced with us, literally, on the street and also in clubs of course. It was cool that he was able to see what the Baltimore bboy scene is like before he started filming. I hope this influence shows in the final film. I am also very excited and happy for my friend Jeff Ogle (bboy Rapid) who at the 2007 auditions beat out every other bboy and landed a major role in the movie as a member of the fictional bboy crew 410. Congrats to Jeff!!! It was cool to get to be in a small scene between Rapid, Rob, and several of my closest friends including Qu3st, seizure, Goof and amarilles.

Here are some of my older posts about step up 2:

Auditioning for Step up 2 in June 2007 in Towson Maryland

Where to find me and my friends in the trailer

Breakin pics of me from Club Five in DC

30 Dec

buncha pics of me in the white hat! woot :mj1:

Photos from my Company party

19 Dec

Click on any to expand

I won the limbo contest