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Michael Jackson was Gay and has 200 unpublished songs

28 Jun

Amazing article that tells a lot of what was really going on in Michael Jacksons life. The biggest surprise to me is the claim that he has close to 200 unpublished songs:


Playmobile Security Checkpoint – Hilarious

14 Jan

Playmobile Security Checkpoint

Read the Reviews Here

I stumbled on this today, I am probably late to the game but the comments on that Amazon page are hilarious. Some gems:

After your passenger spends 4 hours getting past airport security (“I Love Freedom” T-shirt draws extra attention from security) you can have your character attend a George Bush rally from behind the 1st amendment barbed wire fencing 3 miles from Bush’s appearance where your character will be maced and beaten for being there. Then, to complete the trifecta of freedom your character can travel to the U.S.- Mexico border and help build the border fence while patrolling for hordes of brown skinned devils trying to sneak into our country and cut our grass.

I hear Playmobil is coming out with a waterboarding torture set. I think I’ll wait for that and buy them together to save on shipping.

While I’m sure your child will love this do we really want to reveal our security secrets to the terrorists? I bet al-Qaeda is training the next generation with this very product. I am saddened to learn that Playmobile hates America.

I suggest that Playmobil stamp “Arbeit Macht Frei” above the passenger portal on this item.

Hot girls with guns alert

25 Aug

This is a photo essay of the everyday lives of Israeli women serving in the Israeli military.

I don’t know why but I always thought Jewish girls are hawt:

More hebrew hunnies behind the cut

Cute story about baby fox

18 Aug

When most people adopt an animal it is an abandoned cat, dog or even ferret but not Gary Zammit.

He nursed a young fox cub back to health – and even fed it using a baby’s bottle – after he discovered the creature dying after being hit by a car.

In fact he gave it so much tender loving care, including washing its fur and trimming its nails, that Tod the fox now lives with Gary in his family home.

another article from when this guy taught a bird to fly:

I don’t normally repost news stories like this but thought it was so cute it deserved a re-post

Some amazing artists I came across – hyper realistic sculpture

14 May

Patricia Piccini,_Offspring_and%20Progenitor/hires/40The_Embrace.JPG
(click image for bigger version)

Ron Mueck

All of these artists remind me of GenPets by the artist Adam Brandejs.

LOL CAT bible

10 Oct

LOLCATS bible main page

A couple of hilarious highlites from Genesis:

1. Oh hai. In the beginnin Ceiling Cat waz invisible, & he maded the skiez & da earths, but he did not eated it.

2. The earths wus witout shapez & wus dark & scary & stufs, & he rode invisible bike over the waterz.

3. & Ceiling Cat sayz, i can has light? & light wuz.

4. & Ceiling Cat sawed the light, to sees stufs, & speraratered the light form dark & stufs but that wuz ok cuz cats can seez in the dark & not tripz ovr nethin.

This is a hilarious project that attempts to translate the entire bible into kitty pidgin.

So naturally, I translated the entire chapter 15 of 1 Samuel into kitty pidgin, the language of lolcats:

If you have lots of spare time, try your hand at this! is a great site to get the basic text translated into kitty pidgin, then go in and make it funny.

I also created a new image for Genesis Chapter 1:

Fanta Shokata: make your own movie online

16 Dec

I made the above movie and this one too:

and this one: (inspired by my friend danny)

If anyone else wants to make theres just use the MAKE MOVIE link..this is much fun

Here is one my friend danny made:

and one joe made;