Battlestar Galactica is amazing scifi

13 Feb

How did it take me this long to watch Battlestar Galactica? First season was so-so, nothing spectacular but nothing terrible either. But then Season 2 is just so moving. Thank goodness for netflix making this available streaming.

The Pegasus storyline starring Michelle Forbes (Maryann from True Blood) as a truly chilling villain, a sort of female Mussolini is riveting television and sci-fi at it’s best. SciFi that is not just about gadgets, not just about spacewar, not just an action movie set in space. Scifi that makes you question your views on morality, your views on hate, your view on justice, Religion and faith, warfare, on love, on the entire range of the human experience

My favorite moment: At one point during the finale of that storyarc there is a scene where a key character is floating in space, having been ejected from his destroyed viper fighter plane. He is floating there, air leaking from his spacesuit out of small tear, and the camera just pans to his helmet as he watches tens of thousands die during a deep space battle.

Bodies of the defeated enemy float into space, defenseless, soon to die of exposure to the vacuum. He hears his comrades calling to him on his headset, asking for his position so he can be rescued. But he stops plugging the hole in his spacesuit and he just floats there, imagines himself floating in a stream. He does not respond. He wants to die too.

The music that plays during that sequence, “Bloodshed”, by Bear McCreary is haunting and perfectly matched for the mood of this important scene.!/s/Bloodshed/2EioUG?src=5


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