Science is like religion

23 Jun

Common misunderstanding about science vs religion:

Religion and Science are the same since both believe things that can’t be 100% proven

Science (and LOGIC) dictates that NO BELIEF  can EVER be absolute. You can NEVER say ANYTHING is 100% true or 100% false.

You can only make REASONABLE assumptions. It is reasonable to go on your daily life assuming that you wont suddenly shoot off the earth or turn into a squirrel. We can write a law, called the law of people not spontaneously turning into squirrels. It can shown to be true after thousands of years of observable evidence. However, if even just one human spontaneously turns into a squirrel, we have to dump that law. It is no longer true.

We say a belief is reasonable when we have tons of observable and repeatable tests that confirm the belief, when we have a large body of knowledge that makes it reasonable to assume it is true.

The religious often want black and white, 100% or 0% true. This is not how science works.

The difference between a scientific belief and a religious one is usually that the scientific one is testable and can be written down mathematically.

Reasonable scientific belief: “The sun is a really large ball of gas at the center of our solar system”

unreasonable belief:  “there is an invisible man who is punishing all the descendants of the first two humans he created because they ate an apple he told them not to eat after they were misled by a talking snake”

Another major difference between religious and scientific beliefs is that which I mentioned earlier, that a scientific law, no matter how cherished, no matter how proven and verified and tested, can be refuted at any time when the opposite is observed.

Try doing that with religious beliefs, such as the earth being 6,000 years old or that women were created by an invisible being from the rib of a man, or the invisible man himself. These beliefs are so cherished they can never be tossed out, even if mounting evidence surfaces that makes those beliefs very unreasonable.

We have seen this with beliefs such as that the earth is the center of the universe..when religious beliefs are confronted by mounting scientific evidence that invalidates them. Or with evolution. Religion is unwilling to change their beliefs to accommodate new evidence. Science always is.


One Response to “Science is like religion”

  1. James July 25, 2010 at 1:50 pm #

    Just found your site today. I read several pages. You have a nice layout and interesting articles. Although we don’t necessarily agree on some issues, I though it worth contacting you and inviting you to my site. This article here even inspired me to create; ops, sorry, to evolve another post. I hope you don’t take offense to my since of humor. I also like to travel. I agree with your movie reviews, hollywood goes for quantity, not quality. My outlook and comments is based on 63 years of life, they way things were and the way things are today. You remember ‘Planet of the Apes’? I like the part where the ape says ‘man is evil, you can never trust him.’ I find belief in God much easier and to be the absolute ‘Truth.’ Don’t let man nor the devil decieve you. Your friend, james

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