On the set of ‘The Dark Fields’ movie with Bradley Cooper

7 May

I recently got cast as an extra in the upcoming Bradley Cooper thriller, ‘The Dark Fields’. (now renamed to be Limitless)

Here is a Synopsis of the film:

An intellectual slacker and former cocaine addict (Bradley Cooper), now eking out a living as a copywriter for a small publishing house. Through a bizarre series of coincidences, Eddie finds himself in possession of MTD-48, a drug that has some curious effects. On his first trip, Eddie discovers that the drug boosts the intellect, making him far smarter – but also faster, more intuitive, and more charismatic. By warding off sleep and focusing his attention span, Eddie finds that the drug enables him, in a matter of hours, to write a book, learn a foreign language, or predict certain events by detecting patterns in vast amounts of information.

What author Glynn has imagined is the perfect drug for the information age, one that makes its user a match for the ceaseless flow of data from television and newspapers to the Internet.

Rather than being lost in the overload of endless news, history, opinions, and other information, the user of MDT-48 can take it all in and find meaningful patterns within it. It is an addictive combination, and the book follows Eddie’s adventures as he goes through numerous career changes: from copywriter to stock trader and ultimately high- finance guru.

However, like all drugs, MDT-48 has its downside, including lethal withdrawal symptoms and terrifying side-effects that can render a user homicidal. If this were not enough, the drug itself is both created and distributed by a shadowy corporation worthy of Pynchonian paranoia, and it isn’t too long before Eddie begins to suspect that he didn’t just “find” MDT-48 after all

The synopsis makes it sound like it is will be very interesting. We filmed at a beautiful upscale restaurant in Philadelphia called Union Trust.

The interior was breathtaking. It is a steakhouse housed in what used to a bank. The sense of space is overwhelming, and the interior decoration is extremely impressive.

Here are a few photos:

Union Trust Steakhouse

The seating for Union Trust is amazing

Union Trust Steakhouse interior

The restaurant used to be a bank

Anyway, it was a long 13 hour day with a call-time of 7am, so I had to leave my house at 4:15 AM just to be sure I got there on time. Bradley Cooper was very very nice and a spectacular actor. The bastard has perfect teeth and hair! And the build of a model. All of us guys were jealous.

I was disappointed Robert Deniro was not in any scenes, but I have heard he is very private and aloof so I doubt I would have been able to meet him anyway.

I won’t give away what happened in the scene since it might ruin the film a little bit, but it was very cool to have been a part of it. Big thanks go out to Heery Casting for casting me for the film. Hopefully you will see me in the final edited film. Look for me at the bar!


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