Kick-Ass: more like Ass-kick..huh huh heh

20 Apr

Ok so I saw Kick-ass Monday. Verdict? Morally reprehensible. Just like Roger Ebert said. Maybe I am old, I don’t know. But seeing a 10-11 year old girl being beat to a pulp by a grown man, and killing with obvious joy is just..not right. I know they meant it sarcastically. But it was just jarring and hard to stomach. I feel ashamed for having supported the film, honestly.

The only good part of the film to me was (surprisingly) Nicolas Cage. He carried the movie for me.

Kick-ass and ‘Wanted’ were both based on graphic novels written by Mark Millar. I guess the guy just sucks at writing, because the story in both were just plain awful. It felt like someone at the Otakon wrote it during lunch break as a fan-fic.

Even if hit-girl had been replaced with an 18 year old, the film still was just kind of flat. It had a great premise, and it held me for the first half. But when big daddy and hit-girl joined the film..I was just not feeling it. It started to feel like Batman Forever at that point. To me the greatest realistic superhero movie ever made is Unbreakable. It’s M. Night Shyamalan’s best movie in my opinion.


One Response to “Kick-Ass: more like Ass-kick..huh huh heh”

  1. bishmanrock April 20, 2010 at 10:12 pm #

    Unbreakable is amazing, I love the music in that film too.

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