The Five Great Unsolved Problems of Modern Physics.

27 Oct

They are as follows:

  1. Figure out a way to get Relativity and Quantum Physics to agree. (right now both are considered true but both disagree with each other, a real doozy of cognitive dissonance)
  2. Figure out WTF Dark matter is or if it exists at all (I don’t think it exists, I think it simply shows our current subscription to general relativity as the model for most everything is flawed)
  3. Figure out a way to remove the observer from Quantum physics (many scientists consider it a problem that consciousness plays any role in reality and view it as an error in how we interpret Quantum Physics..I disagree I think that the results are correct and consciousness does indeed play a role in reality) or make better sense of why the observer/consciousness is so critical to the experimental results. (this has been described as the SINGLE GREATEST problem facing modern science and the biggest obstacle for it to make any progress).
    1. If it is impossible to remove the observer from Quantum Physics the conclusion is inescapable: The information recorded by an observer is read by the Universe, and the Universe adjusts probability accordingly. In other words the separation between us and everything else is some sort of illusion.
  4. Unify Particles and Forces
  5. The Physical reasons or mechanism responsible for setting the free constants in the standard model or particle physics are “chosen” by nature somehow. We don’t know why or how.

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  1. Space is not real – A great idea for unifying Quantum theory with Relativity « Adventures of Carbon Atoms - May 18, 2011

    […] What is real? Energy and time.   In fact when we dig deep enough into “solid” matter we see it is just energy. ( And even more basic than that, all that is real is simply information. ) And to make it even creepier, energy in a state of ‘superposition’ all places at the same time. Until it is observed. The role of the observer in this is still not understood and she does not address this..she only seeks to unify general relativity with quantum physics. Unifying quantum theory and general relativity are one of the top 5 greatest problems facing modern theoretical physics. […]

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