laura Dekker, Jessica Dubroff, Vicki Van Meter and stage parents

28 Aug

I recently read the following article:

A 13-year-old Dutch girl has been placed under state supervision after a court blocked her attempt to become the world’s youngest person to sail the globe solo.

I agree they should take this kid away from the parents. Solo round the world sailing is extremely dangerous.

This brings to mind the case of Jessica Dubroff. 7 year old girl attempting to be the youngest to fly across the country. She died on impact, along with her parents.

Trust me, kids like this do NOT want this kind of publicity and fame. It’s ALWAYS stage parents. The 7 year old Jessica, just like this new girl laura are being manipulated by stage parents seeking to use their seed to gain fame and attention to themselves.

It’s why child stars are always so fucked up. Michael Jackson is a prime example. These kids are abused and deprived of their childhood and irreparably psychologically damaged for life when stage parents take over their childhood.

Take another example,Vicki Van Meter who was a child pilot like Jessica and set child records for flying. She blew her head off at age 26 last year.

The case of 7 year-old Jessica caused new laws to be passed in the US. Under 49 USC § 44724 it is illegal to attempt to set records as a student pilot.

So going back to this dutch kid, Why else would they even inform the media or anyone about her attempt to sail around the world? Because they want the media attention, glory, fame etc. They want sponsors, they want guiness book of world records involved etc. Fucking stage parents, I wish they would yank child stars away from their families here in the US.

Here is a good article detailing how dangerous the Volvo Ocean race is, and these are professional sailors with state of the art equipment and a massive support team:


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