Beautiful Resort Prisons

28 Aug

Trip of a lifetime turns into holiday from hell as British couple are ‘poisoned, stabbed, stoned… and then robbed’

I don’t understand why people keep visiting Caribbean islands where you aren’t allowed to venture outside the resort or else you’ll get raped and robbed. These Caribbean islands are shitholes with unbelievable poverty. You can get the same beautiful beaches and water in the Florida keys and you won’t be raped and robbed and you can wander freely.

I know people who took honeynmoons to Egypt also and had to be escorted by heavily armed military anywhere they went. Seriously, why???


One Response to “Beautiful Resort Prisons”

  1. dazz August 28, 2009 at 6:08 pm #

    Yeah. They’re kinda like Ireland, with sunlight.
    I’m not sure why the Americans keep coming here, either. “Aw, but it’s so small and quaint!” they say. Sure, I know those words, but here “small” means “piss-poor” and “quaint” means “backward”.

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