10 things I learned from watching ‘State of Play’ (spoilers)

21 Apr

So i went out to see ‘State of Play’ to see if I could see me. Indeed, you can see me, but only the same scenes you see me in the trailer. Anyway:


10 things I learned from watching ‘State of Play’ (spoilers)

  1. DC Cops respond to incidents in Crystal City, Virginia
  2. You can leave a hospital on the 3rd floor via elevator, run across the street to a building where you stashed your silence sniper rifle, and shoot the recovering patient all in the time it takes for a journalist to walk from the same elevator to the hospital room.
  3. There is plenty of convenient parking in Washington DC
  4. Reporters drink..ALL THE TIME
  5. You can learn a lot of useful information from sweaty guys named Vic if you agree to not one, but two dates
  6. Even after your best friend sleeps with your wife you can still continue to trust him, and should be astonished if he betrays you again.
  7. You can shove a woman during busy morning commute onto the path of a train and there will be zero witnesses to see you do it.
    1. If you plan on shoving a woman onto the path of a train, and there are only 3 blind spots in the cameras in the metro, your victim will automatically stand right in the sweet spot.
  8. The only purpose of parking garages in movies is for the psycho guy to stalk you. That and car chases.
  9. If a story is important enough then people should have newsprint on their fingers when they read it. No need to you know, post it online or anything. It can wait.
  10. Editors serve no purpose other than to let their reporters do whatever they want.

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