Revolutionary Road: Movie review

11 Jan

Watch The Trailer

So I went to see ‘Revolutionary Road’ this past weekend.

I was not too optimistic about it after seeing the trailer, seemed like just another troubled couple film. But I am glad I gave it a chance, it was great!

I absolutely loved it. In my opinion, the theme and lesson of the film are: Children ruin everything.

The two main characters are stuck in a house with 2 children, the first was a mistake/oops that led to their marriage, and the 2nd was just to prove the first was not a mistake. Neither are very happy about the situation, and well, lots of other things happen. I usually have far less to say about a film that I like that one I had issues with, but this was a great film.

I was not a fan of ‘American Beauty’ but this takes many of the themes and setting of that film and perfects it. It is Sam Mendes opus.

Both Leo and Kate provide extremely strong performances. One of their best is a scrambled egg scene. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.

Michael Shannon provided an amazing performance as a mentally disturbed man who will remind you very very much of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Wonderful film from beginning to end, and I will leave it highly recommended to you.

Any awards the film receives for the actors, screenwriters or director are very very well deserved.


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