Let the Right One In movie review

12 Nov

Let the right one in movie poster

View the trailer here

So this past weekend I went to see “Let The Right One In” (Låt den rätte komma in) which is a Swedish vampire movie that just came out here in the US.

They are of course, going to be making an english remake in 2009.

Anyway, it got 96% good reviews on Rotten tomatoes so I naturally felt I had to go see it. Basically I would summarize it as ‘My Girl’ except with vampires. It has no real plot though, no real villain, no real development at all. It seems like some elaborate revenge fantasy made up by the books author against childhood bullies. It is beautiful to behold, has fantastic scenery with real snow. Can you believe it? REAL SNOW. Movies like 30 days of night used so much fake snow it made it hard for me to get INTO the movie when the snow they passed off as real snow looks fake as shit.

So it’s worth seeing for the beautiful direction and imagery, but is it a good movie? I’d say no. The entire theater was laughing their asses off at the ending sequence, and also at another scene involving cats.

View the ridiculous cat sequence:

Basically it was hard to take the movie seriously after that.


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