Niels Bohr, Electrons, and FUCK

28 May

I was reading a fascinating book entitled ‘Quantum Legacy: The Discovery That Changed Our Universe‘ by Barry R. Parker. It details the history of the discovery of Quantum Physics from the discovery of the Atom, to the various atomic models proposed by physicists to the exploration of what exactly, light IS. What is everything made of? What is behind chemical reactions? What causes atoms to bond to one another?

In the middle of the chapter detailing the life of Niels Bohr I came across this:

Niels Bohr

The word FUCK written in large letters directly over an otherwise useful and interesting, and previously decidedly unvulgar diagram detailing Bohr’s atomic model, complete with the various energy levels of electrons. Now I am pleased that an obviously mischief-minded youth actually picked up a book about such a weighty topic as Quantum Mechanics, let alone visited a public library at all. At least he glanced at this important diagram as evidenced by his taking time to write something on that page. Who knows if he one day grows up and advances our understanding of the universe. Doubtful, but possible.


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