Stardust the movie

14 May
BboyNeko (11:19:11 PM): didn’t you reccomend some movie
BboyNeko (11:19:12 PM): to me
BboyNeko (11:19:14 PM): started with an s
BboyNeko (11:19:18 PM): some fantasy film
ironicsupertonic (11:54:38 PM): i forget
BboyNeko (11:56:17 PM): star something
BboyNeko (11:56:26 PM): some like fantsay film i think
BboyNeko (11:56:30 PM): relatively recent
ironicsupertonic (11:57:11 PM): oh
ironicsupertonic (11:57:14 PM): wait
ironicsupertonic (11:57:15 PM): huh?
ironicsupertonic (11:57:19 PM): chronicles of narnia?
BboyNeko (11:57:23 PM): no
BboyNeko (11:57:28 PM): some relatively unknown
BboyNeko (11:57:32 PM): kinda indy fantasy film
BboyNeko (11:57:40 PM): im trying to add stuff to my netflic
BboyNeko (11:57:43 PM): forgot the title
ironicsupertonic (11:59:19 PM): uhhh
ironicsupertonic (11:59:22 PM): i have no clue man
BboyNeko (11:59:26 PM): :-(
ironicsupertonic (11:59:36 PM): is this something i mentioned today?
BboyNeko (11:59:51 PM): no
BboyNeko (11:59:52 PM): while back
ironicsupertonic (12:00:20 AM): hmmmmmmmm
ironicsupertonic (12:00:23 AM): spirited away?
ironicsupertonic (12:00:26 AM): iron giant?
BboyNeko (12:00:33 AM): no
ironicsupertonic (12:00:33 AM): final fantasy advent children?
BboyNeko (12:00:36 AM): nope :-(
BboyNeko (12:00:43 AM): it reminded me of golden compass tho
BboyNeko (12:00:46 AM): the way the cover looked
ironicsupertonic (12:00:47 AM): akira?
BboyNeko (12:00:49 AM): no
ironicsupertonic (12:01:03 AM): i love netflix
BboyNeko (12:01:20 AM): areyou my buddy on there
ironicsupertonic (12:02:19 AM): doubt it
ironicsupertonic (12:02:53 AM): hrmmmm
ironicsupertonic (12:02:56 AM): i’m trying to think
ironicsupertonic (12:03:07 AM): indie animated film
ironicsupertonic (12:03:10 AM): ghost in the shell?
ironicsupertonic (12:03:32 AM): what’s it about?
BboyNeko (12:04:41 AM): no
BboyNeko (12:04:43 AM): not animated
BboyNeko (12:04:46 AM): its live action
BboyNeko (12:04:53 AM): something with like a woman on the cover
BboyNeko (12:05:00 AM): in my mind im remembering
BboyNeko (12:05:02 AM): glitter
BboyNeko (12:05:03 AM): or shiny
BboyNeko (12:05:04 AM): sun
BboyNeko (12:05:06 AM): not sunshine
BboyNeko (12:05:09 AM): i already saw that
BboyNeko (12:05:11 AM): something else
ironicsupertonic (12:06:06 AM): oh\
BboyNeko (12:07:51 AM): STARDUST
BboyNeko (12:07:53 AM): jeez
BboyNeko (12:08:16 AM): lol
BboyNeko (12:08:21 AM): it was already in my queue
BboyNeko (12:08:22 AM): fail
ironicsupertonic (12:08:38 AM): LOL
ironicsupertonic (12:08:38 AM): nice
BboyNeko (12:08:45 AM): so you did see that
ironicsupertonic (12:08:48 AM): and i didn’t recommend stardust
BboyNeko (12:08:51 AM): shit
BboyNeko (12:08:51 AM): lol
ironicsupertonic (12:08:52 AM): double fail

3 Responses to “Stardust the movie”

  1. miakaxevolved May 14, 2008 at 3:19 pm #

    hahahaha, that was fun to read 🙂 I’ve seen Stardust, it wasn’t too bad. I liked it, anyways. My husband didn’t -_-() So, I haven’t seen it since. I like Clair Danes, so that helped. She was really cute in that movie.

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