Speed Racer Review

11 May


I just got back from seeing this..


The movie blew me away, I have had more goosebump moments in a single movie than from this one..it was beautifully edited, every frame of the film should be hung in an art gallery and admired. It was just spectacular, visceral movie making of the highest caliber.

I Highly, highly recommend seeing this. I am definitely going to go see it again.

The first seven minutes of speed racer on YAHOO! So you can judge for yourself

I was very impressed with the creative editing, this is some experimental, cutting edge techniques being used and they were just so great. You can really tell what is going on in every race despite the insane high speeds and the high number of cars.

Here is a nice review I found from a family perspective:


here is someone else who loved it:


Rotten Tomato User Reviews loved the movie (77% good reviews)

The actual movie critics hated it though..they seriously have a giant stick up their asses and need to loosen up.


One Response to “Speed Racer Review”

  1. Anonymous May 15, 2008 at 5:57 pm #

    Speed Racer
    Thanks for the link love…I’m thinking the critics felt the movie wasn’t “stuffy” enough for their taste! I agree with you…very colorful and definitely art! Kyle.

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