My list of Great Oblivion Mods!

8 Apr

Here is an image of the character I made in Oblivion, I tried to get him to look like me:

Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Below is my Mod list. These mods really made the game way better! You need Oblivion Mod Manager and Oblivion Script Extender to get these to work.

My list of Oblivion Mods

Aesthetic only

Qarl’s Texture Pack III
Huge download, close to 2 gigs. It re-skins the entire world and makes it look AMAZING. You need a fast PC to even attempt this new texture pack. But it’s an AMAZING difference.
Fastest download I could find, requires fileplanet registration

Cats and Rats
adds cute kitties and rats all over the world. I like the rats especially because now the dungeons all have real-sized rats as a sort of added decoration, makes the dungeons seem more real. The cats chase the rats if they see them! it’s funny.
download cats and rats mod

Natural Environments
Adds lots of cool new weather patterns, gives you lots of nice new skies, rainbows..lots of awesome stuff. I especially like the birds and insects added to the environments.
download Natural Environments

Improved Trees and Flora I and II
These two packs re-skin all the trees and shrubbery for a dramatic difference. Very good mod.
Download Improved Trees and Flora I | Download Improved Trees and Flora 2

Improved Fruits n Meats
By the same dude who did the improved trees, much nicer fruits and meat textures
Download improved fruit n Meet

Better Night Sky
Adds a much prettier night sky and moon, I LOVE it. At night it’s hard to not just stare at the sky.
Download Better Night Sky

Alive Waters
Adds seaweeds and fishies to the water, it’s great! Water is way more interesting now.
Download Alive Waters

Bloody mess
Adds lots of blood spatters to your armor after battle, washes off with a swim or with rain!
Download Bloody mess | alternate gore textures for bloody mess

Better Horses
Improves Horse Textures a LOT.
Download Better Horses

Gameplay Changes

Deadly Reflex
This is a BAD-ASS MOD. It makes combat way more exciting. For one, you cant just hold your shield up anymore…you have to time the shield with the enemy attack, makes for much more exciting combat. Also, you can decapitate people..the blood and gore effects are amazing. You can shoot them in the lung with an arrow and watch them gasp for breath, or slice off their hands Count Dooku style and watch them bleed to death. You can bash them with your shield to knock them back, and best of all fight from your horse. It adds lots of cool combat moves depending on your athletic skill, like flips and stuff. A VERY VERY good mod. Search for videos of this mod on’s is SO awesome to cut a NPC head right off or bash their skull in. You can even take the shards of skull and brain as ingredients.
Download Deadly Reflex

Supreme Magika
This mod revamps the magic system, making it more powerful and fun, but not TOO powerful. It allows you to summon up to five creatures if your level is high enough, adds cool spells like levitation. If you combine this with Deadly Reflex, some of your spells will cause cool gore effects, like freezing them solid (then you break them) or turning them into a scorched corpse.
Download Supreme Magika

Adds hilarious spells to the game, like OFF WITH THEIR PANTS (makes pants dissapear), or FREE PONY! (gives them fre pony, except it appears 50 feet over their head and hurtles toward them for a very unpleasant present.), or SHEEP! (turns them into a sheep, forever)
Download Hilarity

Game Improvements

Unofficial Oblivion Patch and Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch
These two patches are unofficial but fix tons of quest bugs.
Download Oblivion Patch | Download unofficial shivering Isles patch

Expanded hotkeys
This mod allows you to have way more than the paltry 8 hotkey slots that come with the default game. Essential!
Download Expanded hotkeys

House Markers
Allows you to place markers for your houses on the map
Download House Markers

Landmarks with Wells
Marks wayshrines, doomstones etc. on your world map.
Download landmarks with wells

Harvest Contains and Harvest Flora
These two mods make it so you can actually tell which plants youve harvested already and which contains youve searched by leaving graphic ques, open contains, or bare plant stalks.
Download Harvest Containers | Download Harvest Flora

Allows you to pick up bedrolls you find and use them anywhere.
Download bedrolls

Better User Interface
This makes the menus WAY WAY better by making the fonts much smaller. You fit way more stuff in a single page without having to scroll.
Download Better User Interface

Dude, where’s my horse?
Let’s you find your horse 🙂
Download Dude wheres my horse

Dungeon NPC’s have torches
Makes it so at least a few of the NPC’s in dungeons carry torches.
Download NPC Torches

Drop lit torches
If you have a torch, and switch to a weapon, the torch drops and stays lit. Much more realistic.
Download drop lit torches

At Home Alchemy
Lets you put your pedastool down and use it without it being in your inventory.
Download at home alchemy


3 Responses to “My list of Great Oblivion Mods!”

  1. cleophite April 9, 2008 at 3:36 pm #

    Aww these must be from the PC version. I haven’t put my copy into the xbox for a while, mostly because I played the shit out of it for about a year. I love oblivion ❤

    • bboyneko April 9, 2008 at 4:15 pm #

      yup! that’s why pc version is best, you can add all that cool shit to it!

  2. Anonymous February 27, 2009 at 9:30 pm #

    I love this shit
    hey thanks for putting some of the best mods here, it makes my life so much easier when i find websites with lots of good mods. i tried them and they r awsome.

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