Incest News

24 Mar

News article – Man is convicted of incest and rape (his sister) based only on her word.

Sister says brother raped her FOUR YEARS AGO, and beat her TWO YEARS AGO.

She didn’t go to the hospital. She didn’t tell the authorities. Instead, she waits … UNTIL he burns the house down..that’s “the last straw” she says.

He DENIES that the rape and beating took place and HE WAS STILL CONVICTED OF INCEST AND ASSAULT? Is the jury on crack? Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proved guilty’? How do we know that vindictive little sister isn’t simply lying her ass off to fuck this guy over for burning down the house? How do we know that he isn’t simply guilty of being an idiot and a drunk? Don’t you need more than some woman’s WORD to prove a case? I say: Lady, the evidence is long gone. If he sexually assaulted you and beat you, the time to tell was after it happened. It doesn’t belong in a court of law if there’s nothing but your accusation to promote it.

We never learned from the Salem witch trials. Just because a child or a innocent woman claims someone did something horrible to them..that’s NOT enough evidence. We should require, as with all crimes, witnesses, DNA evidence etc. Too many people are convicted of rape based only on the word of a woman or child.


One Response to “Incest News”

  1. meowremix3804 March 24, 2008 at 11:14 pm #

    Ugh. If she’s lying about this and got it pushed through, she can just rot in hell. it’s that kind of person that makes it difficult for actual rape victims to get justice.
    Time can go by before a person can feel strong enough to report the crime, so I wouldn’t instantly condemn her, but the fact that it was a house burning down and not rape or assault? Pretty damn weird.

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