El orfanato aka The Oprhanage Review

22 Jan


Trailer (in spanish)


I just saw this film sunday..and I was very impressed. It’s a spanish-language film directed by Guillermo Del Torro, (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hell Boy). I love hearing spanish from spain..it has it’s own distinct flavor and accent that I feel is elegant.

It was quite scary, I jumped out of my seat like 4 times. On the downside I felt it was extremely predictable. If you’ve seen any “kid sees ghost” horror film you know everything that’s going to happen. But still it was executed so well I didn’t mind so much. It has a beautiful and haunting opening scene that ties in amazingly well later on in the film.

I recommend the film to any fans of foreign horror, the bloodless, creepy kind. It had a lot in common with Pan’s Labyrinth, but it’s from the same director so it’s to be expected.

*edit* I just learned it was not directed by Del Torro, but he just slapped his name on it like ‘Presented by’


One Response to “El orfanato aka The Oprhanage Review”

  1. nbtwn January 23, 2008 at 11:42 pm #

    I loved it too. Especially the scene with the creepy lady and the baby carriage.
    And I’m really excited about Hellboy 2, but maybe that’s just me.

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