God and Satan

16 Jan


This is a very thought-provoking bit of animation from the 1985 feature length movie “The Adventures of Mark Twain”

I LOVE this sequence.

The behavior that everyone finds so chilling is not anything remotely like what Satan is ever said to have done. It is, however, textbook God behavior from the Bible.

Creating a little human civilization then getting annoyed with what they’re doing and wiping them out? How many times does Satan do that in the Bible again? Oh what was that, zero? Hmm… interesting.

Now, how many times does God do that? How many times does God wipe out a city? or instruct his chosen people to do so in the most ruthless fashion possible? How many times does God personally wipe out almost all of humanity, except one family. Or an entire city, except one family? (1 Samuel 15: 1-3 )

Who is the one who has tantrums that result in wholesale slaughter? Who is the one who clearly is repulsed by his own creation as the claymation character here is? (Genesis 6:6,7) Who is the twisted creator who carelessly destroys his creation after getting annoyed with it? It is God, time and time again.

The names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

For as much fear as can be generated by the mere name “Satan” among the religious, and even some of the non-religious who have residual carryover from being raised AROUND the religious… can anyone actually site a single bad thing he ever did? One? anything? The main action we know him for in the Bible is *suggesting* that the first two humans rise out of the ignorant, mindless zombie stage God initially intended for them, by learning of knowledge, does that sound like a bad thing? Only the ignorant fear knowledge, and admire it’s absence.

At worst that sounds mischievous. So, compare that with all the killing and punishment and damning that God has tallied up for himself and you may begin to reassess who is the hero and who is the villain in this story.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in either of them. And I also don’t find Satan to be a particularly inspiring or lovable character at all, but at least you could say one or two positive things for him, like he tried to save our species from ignorance, felt that maybe we deserved some knowledge too rather than to just be left as playthings with no real thought in them.

I just find it amazing how simply because you are TOLD he is the villain, that’s all it takes. All it takes to make the very mere use of the same name, enough to chill you to your bone. Indoctrination, brain washing, is an incredibly strong force isn’t it?

Megatron and Cobra Commander did worse on a daily basis than Satan is said to have done in the Bible. And the only time he killed (Job) it was under the blessing and permission of God.

The thing that SHOULD be chilling to you about this segment, is that Christians are capable of finding those exact type of actions praiseworthy, inspiring, whatever, when the name of the fictional character doing them is changed BACK to “God”


3 Responses to “God and Satan”

  1. Anonymous January 17, 2008 at 12:17 pm #

    Very good site. Thank you!!!

  2. asharak January 18, 2008 at 1:13 am #

    I remember seeing that cartoon in high school. Thanks for posting it.
    The Mysterious Stranger is my favorite work from Twain, too.

  3. Anonymous January 18, 2008 at 4:11 am #

    At my old job, I was talking to someone christian about how I really didn’t believe in the idea of a personified God, because it meant that we didn’t have responsibilities of our own actions. And when I described what I believed in, he started asking me how I knew that wasn’t Satanic. In hindsight, I should have responded: “As if your God couldn’t also be confused with Satan.”
    Thanks for the link… it was awesome.

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