Bboyneko’s Movie Recommendation of the day – Recon:2020

8 Nov

Recon: 2020

Some of the reviews:

Words really fail me in describing how awful this movie is. I used a free coupon to rent it so my pain was reduced somewhat.

Worst movie ever. Oh, the horror…the horror…This has to be one of the worst movies ever made — right up there with “Plan Nine from Outer Space.” The acting, plot, and effects…awful. Worse than awful. They should seriously consider showing this to inmates as a form of punishment, but I guess that would be too cruel.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even show this movie to Hilter in Hell.

this movie was very bad…i really thought ashton kutcher was gonna pop up and say i been punked then a better movie emerges…but NOOO!!! just the same ole crap glad i fell asleep…god this movie is terrible

A long time ago, I promised myself that when I saw a terrible movie, that I would bet I could still find 10 good things to say about it.

Here are my 10 Good Things about Recon 2020:
1) Straight from credits to nudity. How can this be bad?

2) Many homages to Sergeant Apone from ALIENS, including “Check those corners”, “I want a nice clean dispersal”, and “Nobody touch nothin'”

3) Nice use of video game engines to create space scenes. Of course, they look like video game cutscenes, but its still better than the writhing skeletons (without muscles, yet!) from Timothy Hines’ War of the Worlds.

4) This movie has UFO aliens, tiny space bugs that explode into gallons of goo, zombies, terminatorish cyborgs, werewolves, and even dinosaurs?!? All of that in one movie!?! And they said it couldn’t be done…

5) The guy with the modified helmet with teeth and stuff. Yeah! Custom armor!

6) You just don’t get to hear “anal-probing” said enough in most movies (even those that deserve it). Recon 2020 redresses the balance nicely.

7) Christian Viel got to “live the dream” – writing, directing, editing, and cameos! Woo!

8) This movie would make a heck of a drinking game… each time you spot something ripped off from another movie, everyone else takes a drink. Last person still conscious by the second reel wins! A woman android who says “I’ll be back.”

9) Modified go-kart and dingo races! Mad Max and Death Race in scale models?

10) At least the sound track did not sound like a porno film.

Okay, nice things over. Ow! Ow! Ow! My eyes! The hurting! The DEEEP hurting.

My wife brought this home from some “rental box”.
While I appreciate that she’s looking out for new sci-fi for me to watch…
$1 was too much to pay to rent this.
I will never that dollar get back.
I miss that dollar



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