We didn’t learn our lesson from the Salem Witch trails

5 Nov

DNA could clear ‘Satanic’ triple murder teenagers
After 15 years, the verdict in case that shocked America is denounced as a travesty of justice

The horrific crime shocked a nation. Three young boys, cub scouts, were tied up, murdered and their naked bodies dumped in a drainage ditch.

Now evidence, including DNA samples, has emerged to suggest the real killers are still at large and that three innocent men have been behind bars for almost 15 years. ‘No reasonable juror would convict… knowing what we know today,’ said defense lawyer Dennis Riordan.

Wikipedia Article about the ‘West Memphis 3’

In 2007, DNA collected from the crime scene was tested. None was found to match DNA from Echols, Baldwin, Misskelley nor John Mark Byers. In addition, a hair from Terry Hobbs, stepfather to Stevie Branch, was found tied into the knots used to bind the victims

I bet the stepfather did it. This reminds me of another witch hunt fueled by paranoid, emotional fanatical delusion by the public, who ignored logic and facts and instead embraced their own demon-haunted superstitious fears: The McMartin Preschool incident.

Article from Wikipedia about the McMartin Preschool witch trail

In a nutshell: A California daycare was charged with sexual assault mainly from the testimony of children from the school, who described elaborate tunnels under the daycare, strange satanic rituals and bizarre balloon rides. All turned out to be totally made up. (they said they saw flying witches, that should have maybe clued off the prosecutors) That didn’t stop the state from charging the owners with over 200 charges of child abuse. Some of the owners stayed in jail 5 years, with no charges.

I am constantly amazed at the ridiculous levels of hysteria, mass delusion, and superstitious idiocy of the public. No one cares about facts or logic, only their own, choking, blinding emotional fears.


One Response to “We didn’t learn our lesson from the Salem Witch trails”

  1. asharak November 5, 2007 at 11:47 pm #

    This is good news.
    America has a penchant for moral panics, it seems.

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