Use fluid layouts please!

31 Oct

It irritates me to no end when sites devoted to delivering informational content, such as, etc deliver their content in a frozen layout. (a layout that does not change width even when viewed in a high resolution monitor)

Here are some screen shots to illustrate my frustration:

See the enormous amount of wasted space? Compare that to the fluid layout of google news:

For the love of god, allow me to maximize the real estate available in my browser window!!!! This is the internet, media is not frozen in place as it is on a newspaper page.


One Response to “Use fluid layouts please!”

  1. son_of_ottie October 31, 2007 at 1:51 pm #

    Also very disturbing and completely counter-productive are sites with NO SCROLLING and HUGE CONTENT wich doesn’t fit either on my laptop at home or my 17″ screen at work where I can’t maximize the window or everyone sees mah bidness. Maddening!

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