Man who defended his property gets 5 years in jail – Charles Brockington and baltimore “justice”

16 Oct

“Man who defended his property gets 5 years in jail”

Here is the story of Charles Brockington in a nutshell:

In July, Brockington awakened at 5 a.m. to hear someone fiddling with his 2006 Mercedes parked outside his Northwest Baltimore home.

Brockington also had a gun in his hand when he discovered Joseph Johnson had already removed three tires and rims from his car.

He told Johnson if he’d only return his rims he wouldn’t call police. He says Johnson went into his car as if to give the rims back, but instead took off. That’s when he fired the shot.

Apparently, the man Brockington shot and killed had not also stolen the very car he used as a getaway vehicle. Yet, listen to how his family describes johnson (the thief):

Johnson’s family says the 29-year-old victim has a new baby who will never know her father.

Yeah maybe he should have thought about that before being a fucking leech on society and robbing people of their possessions and doing god knows what else in his ‘career’ as a criminal.

I am appalled and outraged that a man who DEFENDED his property with lethal force is being PUNISHED. FIVE YEARS? Maryland is ridiculous. I am seriously considering moving to Florida where they have good gun laws. No American should be punished for using lethal force against intruders and thieves. We live in a country where in many states, if a burglar breaks into your home, and you shoot and kill him, YOU end up going to jail.

Charles Brockington, you did nothing wrong. More citizens should be using deadly force, as is their right, to defend life and property against criminal scum like Johnson. What Maryland is basically saying is: “allow criminals to steal your shit, they have more rights than you, the victim”

Fuck that. And fuck you Maryland, and fuck you baltimore. This man should not spend a day in jail.


3 Responses to “Man who defended his property gets 5 years in jail – Charles Brockington and baltimore “justice””

  1. docwho88 October 16, 2007 at 11:01 pm #

    First I completely agree.
    Of course, guns are (if i remember correctly) 100% banned in Baltimore, like in DC, so of course the guy will get reamed for using one.
    To be fair, though, a deadly blow was perhaps a bit of excessive force, since even cops are required to use their firearms only in the event of imminent life-threatening danger. Best would have been to shoot the dude’s tires out (try getting away with 2 blown-out back tires?), though he could still have gotten in trouble for having/using a gun. The cops would have said to just take down his tags and call them, though I like my solution better.
    I suppose at this point, he should feel lucky to have gotten only 5 years — it could have been quite a bit worse, since the thief’s family and their lawyers probably could have spun it into some murder charge…

    • lordphoenix October 17, 2007 at 12:19 am #

      Guns aren’t banned in Baltimore. You cannot carry them, but he can have it on his property and no one can stop him.

  2. nowtheresaname November 14, 2007 at 10:29 pm #

    I agree with you also. The man who defended his property should contact the NRA; they often offer defense of people who lawfully used their guns. It is important that EVERYONE who believes in the right of self-defense should join the NRA, even if you are not a gun owner or never carry a gun.
    I’m a member of the NRA.

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