Halloween Park – York Haven, PA review

17 Sep

ok i went to Halloween park in York Haven, PA. About an hour and a half drive.

I had a BLAST. There were not too many people there (it is still only mid September and it was the first night they were open) but it was cool cus me and Amy got to sort of have it to ourselves. The House of Doom (their main haunted house) is fun, has a ton of live actors and they had some impressive effects like a woman who levitates off the bed Exorcist-style. That effect in particular was very eerie and convincing.

The smaller side-attractions like the Electric chair is also very fun. I recommend the coffin, it was cool, they seal you in a coffin and then it feels like the nails are being pounded in, and your carried to the graveyard and buried..and there are some really great effects..the end of that “ride” is real good too I won’t give it away. They give you a severed hand with a emergency button to press in case you get too scared.

The séance room was another side attraction that’s really good, the ending of it scared me.

But the highlight of the night had to be the awesome House Of Terror. You get a candle..and have to escape the house. Every room seals you in..and you have to discover the clues so you can escape and go to the next room. It was very long, intricate and complex. I found myself genuinely stuck trying to find the exit or clue necessary to get to the next room. It also has a lot of scary surprises..with skeletons and whatnot jumping out at you, haunted beds and moving chairs.

At one point I was on my hands and knees in this creepy room’s closet trying to find the secret passageway.

anther time I found myself locked in a tiny crypt, a lone skeleton and two coffins on a dusty stone shelf my only company, lit only by the candle as I attempted to find the exit.

An other time I was in a graveyard carefully reading tombstones for my next clue.

It was SO MUCH FUN and the kind of thing only possible in these small town haunted attractions. The wait to get into the house of terror was understandably long as they had to wait for people to figure out the clues, but very very worth it.

Next weekend: eastern state penitentiary.

Photos from Halloween park






3 Responses to “Halloween Park – York Haven, PA review”

  1. Anonymous September 16, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    Halloween Park
    i am scared out of my mind i’m going this october of 09 and i’m not much of love getting scared person so your review really helped

  2. Anonymous September 24, 2009 at 6:07 pm #

    house of terror
    thanks for the review. i am going this saturday night, and am definitely nervous already! sounds like a lot of fun though!

  3. toby October 9, 2015 at 9:45 am #

    I’m ready, bring it on, sounds like a lot of fun, my fience and I are going tonight! 10-09-15

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