Meadowlands – Showtime Original Series

18 Jun

I caught the pilot episode last night because I keep hearing it’s a worthy replacement for Sopranos on Sunday nights, and John from Cincinatti is getting bad reviews.

Meadowlands focuses on a family trying to escape its past while confronting an even more uncertain future. The series picks up as Danny and Evelyn Brogan, along with their two teenage kids, enter a witness protection program. Meadowlands appears to be a suburban paradise where the Brogan family can begin to start a new life.

But they soon realize that it’s not so easy to escape the past and their safe haven becomes a world of paranoia and psychological intrigue with surprises around every corner.

Anyway, I watched it and was hooked!! It’s so bizarre.

It starts out with a family being driven, blind-folded to a new town, ‘Meadowlands’ as part of a witness protection program.

The town is weird, ruled by a insane mobster-style sheriff who delights in bizarre punishements to the towns residents for misbehvaing, from tooth pulling to eyesocket crushing kicks to the head. He IS the law, and its cool to see the psycho work.

Theres a guy named Jack, jack “of all trades” as he put it, the towns pervert. He sets his eyes on the familys 17-year old daughter zoe who seems to enjoy his attention and plays mind games with him, like calling in the middle of the night asking for him to come fix her lightbulb in her bedroom.

The son is an autistic emo kid who wears gloves constantly because his hands caught fire.

The show so far feels like ‘Twin Peaks’ meets ‘Nowhere Man’ meets ‘American Beauty’. Very unique and I’ll definitely be tuning in for more episodes.

The girl who plays the daughter is SO hot:

Her name is Felicty Jones.

here is a promo clip on youtube:


2 Responses to “Meadowlands – Showtime Original Series”

  1. _oddity June 19, 2007 at 3:00 pm #

    sounds like something i’d most definitely watch. now if only i had a tv!
    that girl is super cute.

    • bboyneko June 19, 2007 at 3:37 pm #

      come over and watch it on my tv anytime!

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