Sopranos Series Finale: Made in America

11 Jun

I, as many millions of other people, freaked out when the TV went black at the end of Sopranos last night. I am in the “tony is dead” camp. Here is why.

Chase gave us a few clues:

1. When Tony and Bobby (who always reminded me of Winnie the Pooh) are at the lake in a boat, they talk about what being killed must be like. Bobby says, “you probably don’t even hear it when it happends right? It all goes to black”.

2. The 2nd to last episode they flashback to that scene.

3. 4 times in the final scene, Tony hears the door open. Each time, the bell jingles, camera shows Tony looking up, then it switches to his perspective. We see who enters the door, from HIS PERSPECTIVE. The 5th time it happens..once again..jingle, Tony looking up..but this time..BLACKNESS..silence..Tony has been killed. We ‘see’ from his perspective just as before. And his perspective is nothingness. He has been shot.

4. First episode of this season is called members only…because a character named Eugene Pontecorvo wears a “members only” jacket..In that episode he kills (shooting) Teddy Spirodakis in a DINER..Teddy’s Initals are TS…Tony Sopranos initials are TS also. Eugene hangs himself at the end of the episode. The mysterious man in the diner at the end of “Made in America” wears a Members Only jacket as well.

It reminds me of a (yes, its tasteless) comic someone put up right after 9-11 occurred. They took a typical Dilbert comic strip..about everyone arguing about meeting etc..then the last frame is total blackness. Its dark humor, but illustrates what death must be like..your living your life then out of nowhere…death.

I think they wanted us to just see them happy as a family for the last scene. You feel better as a fan knowing that he was happy in death with his entire family.

One final clue that I saw on a HBO Sopranos forum that is brilliant:

“from IMDB:

ony Soprano was shot by the man in the member’s only jacket who was either hired by or is a relative of Deanne Pontecervo. For those who don’t remember, Deanne was the wife of Eugene Pontecorvo who killed himself in the first episode of season six ‘Members Only’ I have just completed watching this episode again.

Here are the facts to back this up.

1. David Chase has said that the clues to understanding the ending lie within the first episode of the season. It seems like almost everyone has interpreted this to mean ‘Soprano Home Movies’, but that is the 13th episode of season six. The first episode of season six is ‘Members Only’ (I have also seen this quoted as first episode ever, but most places i’ve seen it quoted is as first episode of the season.’ If someone could provide a link to the actual source it would be much appreciated.)

2. Motivation and Means. Deanne is extremely motivated to kill Tony in this episode. In this episode the Pontecervos inherit 2 million dollars from her deceased aunt. They have a dream home in Florida which they are ready to move to, but Tony refuses to let Eugene leave ‘his other family.’ This leads to a heated discussion between Eugene and Deanna where Deanna actually proposes that Eugene kill Tony so that they would be free to move into their dream home. Here’s the actual dialogue.

Deanna: ‘Tony! Tony! Why don’t you put a bullet in his *beep* head’
Eugene: ‘I can’t do that..’
Deanna (interrupts) ‘What you think I don’t know that you’ve dont it before.’

After Eugene commits suicide Deanna has the means (two million dollars worth of hit money) and the motivation to seek her revenge on a man she obviously wouldn’t mind seeing dead. All it takes is time to put it together (the duration of season six)

3. This is a pretty big one. Season six episode 1 is the episode where Tony is shot by Junior and goes into a coma. The episode ends with, guess what, a close up of Tony and a fade to black as Tony loses consciousness, a pause and then end credits. With Tony having been shot in the abdomen losing consciousness was much more gradual. In ‘Made in America’ the episode ends with… a close up of Tony’s face and Tony losing consciousness. Much more abruptly of course as would be the case if he were shot in the head. The ending to episode one completely explains the ending to season six. Just watch the two back to back. You can throw in here the usual argument repeated a million times about why the gunshot is not captured for the viewer to hear (Bobby boat conversation).

4. In this episode Eugene buys a Members Only Jacket which is, if not identical, very close to the same jacket that was worn by ‘Members Only Jacket’ guy. I think it’s identical from comparing them, but I won’t say that they definitely are. This has nothing to do with more important things like character motivation, but there is far too much attention given to ‘Members Only Jacket’ guy in the final scene to ignore this. If David Chase wanted to leave a clue about who might have had Tony killed then the Member’s Only Jacket is a sure link to one very motivated individual.

Other interesting things I noticed from S6E1. The Sopranos are eating at a very expensive seafood restauraunt where a piece of fish is flown in fresh first class and costs $40. Compare this to their choice of where they eat out in this episode. In S6E1 the Sopranos are at their peak of material consumption. Tony even buys an expensive porsche for Carmela as Ginny Sacrimoni is being forced to sell their car due to Johnny’s incarceration. Also another link is that Eugene performs a hit in this episode in a similar fast food type restaurant. These aren’t important as character motivations, but like the jacket they serve to tie the two episodes together.

I will agree somewhat with the argument put forth by others that if members only guy killed Tony then why didn’t he do it right away. Possible motivations are… if the man was just a relative of Eugenes then he wouldn’t be an accomplished killer. If he was a hired hitman then perhaps he was ordered by Deanna to wait for Tony’s family to be present first. Both arguments have pretty good counter-arguments, but lets face it that scene needed to be much longer than a man coming in and then fade to black in order to build up the suspense..”

This guy says it better than me


2 Responses to “Sopranos Series Finale: Made in America”

  1. blackdave June 15, 2007 at 5:15 am #

    ever see rules of attraction?
    The ending is very similar for rules of attraction. Prety clear that Sean Bateman is dead at the end, but they don’t spell it out for you, his thought just stops mid sentence and it cuts to black. But its pretty clear that his motorcyles gets blinsided by a car or truck.

  2. Anonymous June 21, 2007 at 4:07 pm #

    BobHarris(and You) are wrong!
    You are really reaching for straws to prove this “Tony got whacked” theory.
    Deane Pontecorvo? You think she can arrange a hit on the head of the New Jersey crime family? Are you nuts?
    Even if you were to believe that, the question begs to be asked: Why? She wanted to put a bullet in Tony’s head for not letting the family leave the mafia. With her husband dead, they could leave and with $2 million worth.
    So you think, for revenge, she decided to hire someone to kill Tony. And did she also tell the assailant to wear her husband’s jacket for effect as well?
    Listen, if Chase went through all of this effort tying together these two episodes and creating all of this religious imagery that Bob Harris and others espouse, then why would he not even hint on any possible/likely subjects who wanted Tony dead?
    Ergo, Tony is not dead.
    Consider this theory, thoroughly and completely debunked!

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