What goes on in Baltimore’s Red Light District: prostitution under the watch of the police

3 Apr

FormerStripper: well when i first started stripping down there i didn’t know how things worked…i didn’t know that all the girls were basically whores and fucked all their cliients in back rooms of the clubs. Everyone would do crack in the bathrooms.

FormerStripper: heres how it works.

FormerStripper: you go in ok? buy a drink, you have to have a drink to sit in there. girls will come up and try to get you to buy them drinks.

FormerStripper: if you see a girl you like, ask her if she does bottles and if she says yes then you can discuss exactly what you want from her, what you want to take place, etc, what she wants for her tip, usually $100.

FormerStripper: then you or the girl tell the bartender you want to go upstairs

FormerStripper: and you pay the bar 200 bucks

FormerStripper: and the bouncer takes you upstairs

FormerStripper: and thats it

FormerStripper:i only stripped for a few months because i was broke, desperate, and more strung out then ive ever been

BboyNeko: now are you sure this occurred in all the clubs

BboyNeko: like was it only in yours

FormerStripper: it happened in every club except one; i dont remember which one

FormerStripper: i think it was the diamond lounge where they didn’t do it

FormerStripper: yeah i think it was about the same price

BboyNeko: i bet the cops in on it

FormerStripper: yeah im sure theyre all paid off

BboyNeko: like the clubs pay the cops to not tattle to captains

FormerStripper: every night after work id have to go cop…id make hundreds and hundreds in tips just on drinks, dancing, and lap dances. and it would all be gone by the next day. All i spent it on was dope and rock.

FormerStripper: this one girl i hung out with at work and copped with sometimes, i wanted to cry when i looked at her. she was so fucking hot, beatiful body…really pretty hair, skin, eyes….but alas she was a ho, and shared needles


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