I finally bought an HDTV

19 Mar

So I finally bought an HDTV, now I am officially in the 21st century.

Hitachi HDTV

It’s a Hitachi 57″ Rear Projection CRT HDTV. ( Hitachi Model 57F59). I got it for $1099.00 at Sears.com, and next-day delivery was only $60.I think considering the size of the TV and weight (about 180 lbs) it was a great deal.

I did a ton of homework on HDTV’s before purchasing this TV. Most consumers assume flat-panel LCD’s/Plasma’s/DLP TV are the best. Not true.

These TV’s don’t have nearly the color range a CRT does. CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube, its an old technology. The drawback to it is that it’s heavy and big. You can’t make flat panel CRT TV’s, they must be made huge. I don’t mind the hugeness, I just want a good picture.

Here are a few useful links going into more detail about the advantages of CRT HDTV’s:

Uncovering the Pros and Cons of CRT TVs (yahoo tech article)
In fact, CRTs in many ways offer the best pictures available in theHDTV world. They aren’t the biggest, they aren’t always the highest inabsolute resolution, and they’re certainly not the slimmest or thinnestHDTVs, but almost nothing can beat a CRT HDTV when it comes tobrightness, reproduction of colors, and the ability to show darkly litscenes (black reproduction).

Because CRT TVs are a maturetechnology, a lot of folks don’t give them a second (or first!) thoughtwhen they’re shopping for a new HDTV. But you may want to at leastconsider a CRT HDTV.

And this article is good too

CRT Rear-Projection HDTV Overview
Excellent image quality – in many ways superior to the even the newest technologies.
Black level – CRT rear-projection produces the most rich and subtle blacks of any other TV type to date.
Value – Even the best CRT projection displays are less expensive than the worst quality alternatives.

CRT TVs are a value, period. There is no other television technology that currently rivals the image quality of CRT for the price. For those that want performance, the best CRTs will immerse you with breathtaking detail without breaking the bank. There are few things in life where the best is usually cheaper than other options, but as of now, that is true of CRT.

That’s the best part about CRT HDTV’s, they are CHEAPER than LCD, Plasma or DLP and have BETTER IMAGE QUALITY than any of those technologies. The only advantage those technologies offer is much thinner displays. So if you haven’t bought yourself an HDTV yet, consider a gigantic, heavy CRT Rear projection tv. Much cheaper than the other technologies and offers better image quality.

I have Comcast HD cable, and watched some free HD programming the other night. I watched one of the worst Bruce Willis movies ever, one so bad even Bruce willis himself apologized to the movie public saying “it sucked”. I speak of Striking Distance

Oh my god was it bad. But it was filmed on location in Pitsburgh and in HD..my god it was beautiful. Despite the awfulness of the film and having to look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s “face” for 2 hours I hung on for the entire film just for the scenery.

Here are some tips I learned while buying my HDTV for any current or future HDTV owners:

  1. If you get HD cable, look on the back of your HD cable box. It likely has an HDMI out or a DVI out. USE THAT connection to connect to your TV. You’ll get much better video. If it has a DVI out and your TV only accepts HDMI, you can purchase a cheap DVI to HDMI cable at any electronics store.
  2. If your cable box has Coaxial audio out, USE THAT! It offers much deeper and richer sound than the standard red/white audio out.
  3. Consider purchasing an upconverting DVD player. These dvd players convert standard DVDs into a HDTV resolution image. It’s not perfect but considerably better than a regular DVD player. WITH HD and Blue Ray DVD players still costing nearly $1,000 each, this is a good option until they go down in price.
  4. If you purchase a rear projection CRT HDTV, don’t forget to align the lamps. Most of these type of TV’s have an automatic focusing setting that will do the alignment for you.
  5. Try watching Conan O’brian in HD. He looks like a space alien in HD. He is absolutely bizarre looking and they really cake the makeup on.

4 Responses to “I finally bought an HDTV”

  1. ao125 March 19, 2007 at 2:01 pm #

    I don’t know… I’m really sold on my DLP… plus at 40lbs, while awkward, I can at least move it myself – which is key since it is up in my bedroom.
    I’ll have to look into those up-converting DVD players. Right now, I use my MacBook that has DVI out – which has been great since I can go from DVI to HDMI.
    I really need to buy an M1 to HDMI adaptor like this one:
    So that I can use an up-sampling dvd player on my projector in my basement.

    • bboyneko March 19, 2007 at 2:11 pm #

      Im sure you like your DLP, its not terrible, its just a fact that CRT has the best color reproduction, black levels and more.
      Some people prefer the light weight of the flat panel tvs, i prefer better picture.
      But out of all the flat panel technologies id also choose DLP over LCD and Plasma. Plasma has great picture but so damn pricey. DLP is priced very well for its quality.

  2. elgaroo March 20, 2007 at 5:36 pm #

    ah, but the real question is, how much was the laser-eye upgrade for your cat?)

  3. Anonymous March 25, 2010 at 1:05 pm #

    damn thats a pretty big buy
    Really cool TV, I also upgraded recently and will never go back to CRT!
    Toshiba Regza 42AV635DB Price

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