Oh Noes! Children are learning about sex!

5 Feb

Kids at greater risk of seeing online Internet porn than ever

The abstract concludes that: “More research concerning the potential impact of Internet pornography on youth is warranted, given the high rate of exposure, the fact that much exposure is unwanted, and the fact that youth with certain vulnerabilities, such as depression, interpersonal victimization, and delinquent tendencies, have more exposure”.

The horror! If a 13 year old with depression views lesbian sex online he is sure to kill himself! And it is certain that youths with ‘delinquent tendencies’ are sure to go rob a 7-11 upon viewing Jenna Jamison getting gang-banged!

Now granted, there is of course all manner of illegal pornography online that is harmful. But the vast majority of porn out there is of a consensual nature. Yes there may be ‘perversions’ depicted such as orgies and what not, but regardless there is no huge enormous danger to children in the way of images of sex.

Sure a 4-year old is not ready to see a girl-on-girl orgy, but many early teens are.

Sex is a the grand truism, reproduction and staying alive are the two prime directives of all living organisms. Teaching children that sex is something to ashamed of, is unhealthy in my opinion. It teaches them to hold all their sexual feelings inside, to never speak of whatever they feel sexually. This can lead to all sorts of sexual issues later in life.

Another reason I am so up in arms over this issue is that many Government agencies all over the world seek to censor or monitor internet use under the guise of protecting children. The argument will go (and has gone) that there is far too much porn online, and that the only way to “protect children” is to heavily monitor and/or censor the internet.

The internet is a great achievement of mankind, all manner of information is freely available, whether that information is repugnant to many people or beloved by others. That is a wonderful thing. I am heavily against censorship of any kind really. We should be allowed to read the ideas and opinions of others, even if those ideas are abhorrent to us.

I remember that as young as 9 and 10 i was wanting to seek out porn. I believe very much that the attitude many religious families hold that sex is bad, masturbation is bad etc. leads to a very unhealthy view of sex in these children as they grow up. It’s no coincidence for example, that so many Catholic School girls have such a bad reputation.

I got HELL from my mom at age 13 or so for harboring some penthouses. She treated it pretty much the same as if she had found me burying a freshly killed body in the backyard. To give a child THAT level of shame over looking at NAKED WOMEN really fucked me up for a long time. Can you imagine if I was gay and had been harboring playgirls or something?

Sex is not evil, sex is not bad. Wanting to masturbate to images of sexual activity is not evil or bad either. It is not something that parents should give their kids shit about. We need to have sex such a normal and un-taboo topic that we can speak about it the same we speak about recipes and food and restaurants now.


One Response to “Oh Noes! Children are learning about sex!”

  1. Anonymous February 5, 2007 at 4:03 pm #

    yes, sex is good.
    where are you, stupid?

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