9 Nov

BboyNeko: : You ever wonder how many people who are walking down street with no other people in close proximity are farting? since they know no one will hear/smell it? I bet it’s lots.
EmpireMadeOfPain: I went to the doctor once cus I never farted..like EVER
EmpireMadeOfPain: He gave probable scenarios and non of em seemed to fit quite right so he asked if its affecting my health or anything… and im like thats what i am asking you! haha he gave my some prescription, but that made me fart like a lot… so i never used it again. I was like well i was fine before that so id rather not do it at all then do it a lot.
BboyNeko: that was a great story
BboyNeko: if your ever famous
BboyNeko: tell that story on david letterman


One Response to “Fart!”

  1. elgaroo November 10, 2006 at 4:40 pm #

    what a touching story!
    i’d be rather worried for his health tho… he might just explode some day!(

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