Flyboys Movie Review : It was FANTASTIC

25 Sep

I am appalled that the recent motion picture “FlyBoys” received an extremely low rating from Rotten and from the mainstream movie critic community in general.

I watched it this weekend despite the terrible reviews..and loved every second of it. I tried hard to see what the critics were talking about. But I couldn’t see it. What the hell were the critics talking about??

Here are some of the things the bad reviews said:

Flyboys doesn’t feel particularly realistic –
Robert Denerstein
Denver Rocky Mountain News

Unbearably tedious and mildly insulting-.
Josh Bell
Las Vegas Weekly

Those amazing young heroes from the second decade of the last century — our first true fighter pilots — deserve so much more than what’s served up in this very disappointing attempt.-
Sun-Times Columnist

wow..they HATED it. Why??Again, I loved every second of it. This will earn a bright spot in my DVD collection. The dogfights were so realistic I was never for a moment distracted by fake all felt very real. They really made you feel like you were there fighting.

Yes its inaccurate, for example they have EVERY german Fokker triplane painted all red, when in history it’s well-known that the only all red fokker was Manfred Von Richtofen (the Red Baron).

Also, all the characters were made up but based on real people, like the movie’s black fighter pilot is based on the real-life first black fighter pilot Eugene Bullard, who was known as “The Black Swallow of Death”.

I saw no weak screenplay as the criticts claim, all the character development was very well done. I genuinely cared about the characters. When one died I felt bad. I can not say enough good things about this film, but it a beautiful film that has to bee seen in the big screen. It’s a fitting tribute to all those who fought in the Great War, especially the first fighter pilots who essentially were test pilots as well, since many of the plane designs they flew were untested and unproven.

I was interested also in how the movement of the planes was very similair to Star Wars X-Wing / Tie Fghter combat. I now see the influence this style of combat played out in George Lucas’ films. It’s IDENTICAL. The way the move, their evasive maneuvers..very exciting.

I hope we see more World War 1 films in the near future.

There is a German film being made about Von Richtofen called “The Red Baron“. That one looks cool. In the Gallery section I saw they had a plane with a mustache paineted on it’s front, meaning the famous Werner Voss is in that film.

Anyway, go see Flyboys. The lesson learned here is the critics are many times, all wet. How so many disliked this film is beyond me.

( also in world war 2 let’s not forget about Erich Hartmann who shot down close to 400 planes in his about him here: )


5 Responses to “Flyboys Movie Review : It was FANTASTIC”

  1. Anonymous September 25, 2006 at 2:15 pm #

    All i want to know is, does it have lots of scenes of hot shirtless guys showering together?

    • bboyneko September 25, 2006 at 2:18 pm #

      Re: but…
      you perv! its pg-13 no nudity 😀

  2. elgaroo September 25, 2006 at 3:11 pm #

    yeah, i’m pretty sure Lucas based most or all of his original star wars space dogfights directly on real (or possibly some based-on-real) old war footage. in fact, i bealieve the death star trench scene is quite closely modeled after old films of the “dam buster” raids of WWII, even going so far as to swipe several lines of dialogue as a tribute.

  3. blackdave September 25, 2006 at 9:04 pm #

    Star Wars v. WWI
    You said:
    “I was interested also in how the movement of the planes was very similair to Star Wars X-Wing / Tie Fghter combat. I now see the influence this style of combat played out in George Lucas’ films. It’s IDENTICAL. The way the move, their evasive maneuvers..very exciting.”
    Until I heard from someone with Piloting experience that the fights were realistic, i’d be very weary of saying that the fact that the dogfights looked like Star Wars as an encouraging fact.
    That might be exactly why the critics are hard on the movie. If its looking like Star Wars that doesn’t strike me as realistic.
    Now again, I dont have knowledge of flying as I dont. But unless someone who has been in something resembling a dog fight told me that planes flying like X-Wings in star wars is realistic, I’d be hard pressed to believe that.
    Maybe the movie was entertaining. But I think its probably more that critics want to see a movie portray WWI as it was, which might have not been as “exciting” look wise as Star Wars. Pick you poison.

    • bboyneko September 25, 2006 at 9:14 pm #

      Re: Star Wars v. WWI
      so far yes, all I have heard is world war 1 pilots really flew like that. These small planes could make very tight and fast maneuvers. They would fly recklessly (with the exception of Von Richtofen who preferred a more conservative model of combat) and fast and close.

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