Snakes on a Plane Poster in Sweden and my Commercial debut

23 Aug

So a very kind random internet Swedish dude named Niklas Pivic sent me a scan of my Snakes on a Plane poster that was published in Sweden’s Largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Below is the scan, I had to paste it together from two slightly incomplete scans Niklas sent me, so there is a section missing in the middle.

Snakes on a Plane Poster
Click the above image to see the full size scan of the newspaper.

Click here to see my original Snakes on a Plane poster.

So that’s cool. Also my commercial for the Maryland Lottery went well. The director liked my dancing and EVERYONE who was cast was very very talented. Once I saw them dance on the field I knew why they had been cast. Kudos to Betsy Royall and Taylor Royall casting for their excellent casting. I was on the set (M&T Bank Stadium AKA Ravens Stadium) at 8am and left at 1pm. A very short shoot! The bad thing is they had these enormous silk screen light reflectors to shine 100 degree heat RIGHT ON YOU for the purposes of lighting. This made me hot as hell. I did about 4 or 5 takes and then promptly collapses in a heap on the astro turf.

There was a very beautiful assistant on set that tended to our every need. She’d make sure I had sunscreen on, bring me water and wipe my sweat off for me. I felt pampered! And they fed us so well. Tons of food. The commercial will air around the end of September on the jumbotron at the stadium during games. They said they would probably be sending us tickets to the ravens game when they know for sure our commercial will air. They also said they’d likely send digital copies of the commercial. I can’t wait! SAG members are treated very well.

This was a very enjoyable experience and I want to again extend thanks to all the actors cast for this commercial I worked with and to the director and everyone involved in the production of this commercial. It was very exciting to sign a contract with me listed as a principal as the part of ‘breakdancer’.


One Response to “Snakes on a Plane Poster in Sweden and my Commercial debut”

  1. docwho88 August 24, 2006 at 2:07 am #

    dude. you totally need to get him to send you 20 hard-copies of that paper, then use it as an advertisement for your own hella-expensive digital artwork services.

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