I landed a commercial for Baltimore Ravens and Maryland Lottery

18 Aug


I just heard back from the casting company in Baltimore. They said the client (Maryland Lottery) hired me for the commercial I auditioned for. This is really exciting for me because I am used to auditioning everywhere and never landing a role.

I beat out lots of people for it and this and it’s EXCELLENT pay. This is the current pay rate for TV commercials according to SAG (screen actors guild):

TV ON-CAMERA (8 Hour Day)

SESSION: $535.00 (includes 1 Unit) Price Per Unit: $18.31 (2-25) $6.79 (26 +)

Washington Only $626.55
Baltimore Only $571.62
Washington & Baltimore $681.48

They need me for 2 days so that’s easily $1,000 for 2 days of work. Also they pay the 500+ for 8 hours, but every hour after 8 until 12 is time and a half, then from hour 12-16 its double hourly pay, then from hour 16 and up its a FULL DAYS pay per hour (over $500 an hour). So the longer they keep me there the better for me.

This commercial will air only on the jumbotron at Ravens stadium during games.


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