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7 Aug

Kairo Poster

Pulse movie


I recently saw Kairo (circuit) which is the original 2001 Japanese Horror film that the new 2006 American Horror film ‘Pulse‘ is based on.

It was very eerie, and VERY hard to understand. For those of you feeling as confused as I was after the film, find below my long explanation for the events of the movie:


My Theory:

I will attempt to use logic to explain the events in the movie, and ignore the explanations given my the characters. I consider them unreliable narrators and will assume they were intended as such.

The Red Tape Rooms:

These are made after a person receives instructions for how to construct it from a ghost.
The first person to do this was a construction worker who met one ghost who managed to communicate to people in the living world.

The construction worker does as he is told and makes the red tape room. My theory is that if the ghosts are making/telling people to do this, it is because the ghost can not do it itself. I also think a sane person would not make a red tape room for a ghost. I think they are forced/possessed.

The red tape is not a protection. It is a portal. The ghosts need people to build the red tape room so they can come to the real world. Once the first ghost was able to travel to the real world it was able then to invade the internet and spread the virus..make people make more red tape rooms. To bring more ghosts in.

Notice that right before the computer science girl’s death she receives instructions from the internet on how to build a ‘forbidden room’.

Why is it forbidden? I think it’s not forbidden for humans to enter..but rather ghosts are forbidden from creating it..from making portals. This is against the rules. But the one original rebel ghost managed to slip out of the realm of the dead and force people to bring it even stronger into the world of the living.

Once the person has built the tape room, I think the ghost then forces the person to kill him or herself, but instead of going to the afterlife the ones who are forced into suicide by the ghost are stuck in an eternal limbo of loneliness. The ghosts are coming into the real world to end their loneliness at the expense of the living.

They come into the realm of the living and need the soul / energy of the person in order to stay in the realm of the living and interact with other ghosts. This is the ghost’s solution to loneliness of afterlife. To create a new afterlife where they can freely associate, but at a very high cost to those still alive. It’s like being in jail and finally finding a way out, and you don’t care if that way hurts others.

People who commit suicide after coming in contact with a ghost do not get to die normal deaths. People who die normally or are murdered or commit suicide without the involvement of ghosts don’t leave stains. These stains are evidence to me that their death and afterlife is special. I think the only reason the ghosts are invading, and then killing the person who helps them in is because they want to stop the loneliness, to find a way, any way, to go back to the realm of the living..even if it means slaughtering those who currently inhabit it and stealing their soul.

Also they (the ones who kill themselves) keep asking for help. Saying help me help me. They are forever stuck as a stain, forever alone. These ones are the victims of the ghost massacre. These are the unlucky ones who were forced to help the ghosts come into the living world via the red tape rooms.

Again this is my theory. I am ignoring the theories of characters in the movie.

So in Summary, the ghosts are stuck in eternal aloneness. No interaction with anyone. Pure desolation. But one eventually found a way out, and managed to possesses a living person’s will so that they would construct a portal to let them back into the living world..a forbidden thing. And in order to stay there in the living world they need to have the person kill themselves so they can steal their energy, or their corporeal place.


2 Responses to “kairo Explanation”

  1. Anonymous August 11, 2006 at 1:15 am #

    just saw this movie online. I think your explanation of the red tape rooms makes sense. I think everyone who comes into direct contact with a ghost ends up leaving a stain, b/c at the end of the movie, the last man left (there are two characters left at the end, harue aka computer science girl dies, then its her friend and michi who are left) is not involved with constructing the red tape room yet dies and leaves a stain anyway. similarly, michi’s friend (junko?) didn’t build the room but wandered into one and ends up leaving a stain too (she just disappears). somehow, contact within the red room spells certain death while interaction with the website leads to growing loneliness and despair. anyway, my thoughts. thanks for the explanation!

  2. Anonymous January 31, 2007 at 2:55 pm #

    Thank you, finally somebody can offer an explanation for the whole thing. I don’t necessarily agree, but at leats I have a handle on it to use to think about it some more.

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