Online Shoe Shopping advice review – is great!

11 Jul

Here is my adventure in shoe shopping.. I recently bought some Kenneth Cole shoes at I got the Pop the Question brown leather shoes, and the Keep Ur Cool black leather shoes. Both pairs together came to a total of $345.00 (free shipping though). But here is the kicker: has a 110% guarantee. If you find the same shoes for cheaper anywhere online (excluding auction sites) they will refund you 110% of the difference. I found both shoes cheaper at and I called customer service and they gladly refunded me about $60 back to my credit card, so now both shoes are only $285. And the brown Pop The Question shoes were the last 10 1/2 size left at zappos. I was lucky.

My advice for online shoe shopping is definitely use Zappos, they stand by their guarantee and have a really nice interface for looking at your shoe in every possible angle. Not only that shipping BACK is free, in case the shoe doesn’t fit right or whatever else goes wrong.

Kenneth Cole Pop The Question
Kenneth Cole Pop The Question
Kenneth Cole – Pop The Question (multi views)

Kenneth Cole Keep UR Cool
Kenneth Cole Keep UR Cool
Kenneth Cole – Keep UR Cool (multi Views)

I once heard it said, “Fucking another man in the ass does not make you gay, FABULOUS SHOES makes you gay!”

But I have also heard it said. “Never skimp on shoes, it makes or breaks an outfit” then again that’s pretty gay too..damnit.


3 Responses to “Online Shoe Shopping advice review – is great!”

  1. asharak July 11, 2006 at 7:21 pm #

    Very nice. They’re presently out of my price range, however.

  2. dura_luxe July 13, 2006 at 1:31 am #

    I’ve bought shoes from Zappos before, and it was easy as pie to return them when they didn’t fit.
    I bought a pair of $225 Fluevogs, and saw the same pair on Zappos for $85! I certainly knew my size… so now I have two pairs in two different colors 🙂

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