The Genocidal Maniac known as Yahweh / Jehovah

11 May

Hosea 13:16
“Samaria] will be punished for turning against me. It will be destroyed in war–children will be beaten against rocks, and pregnant women will be ripped open

2 Kings 2:23-25
“Elisha left and headed toward Bethel. Along the way some boys started making fun of him by shouting, “Go away, baldy! Get out of here!”

Elisha turned around and stared at the boys. Then he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Right away two bears ran out of the woods and ripped to pieces forty-two of the boys.

Ezekiel 9:5-7
I listened as he went on to address the executioners: “Follow him through the city and kill. Feel sorry for no one. Show no compassion. 6Kill old men and women, young men and women, mothers and children. But don’t lay a hand on anyone with the mark. Start at my Temple.”

They started with the leaders in front of the Temple. He told the executioners, “Desecrate the Temple. Fill it with corpses. Then go out and continue the killing.”

1 Samuel 15:2-3.

This is the GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies speaking:

“”I’m about to get even with Amalek for ambushing Israel when Israel came up out of Egypt. 3Here’s what you are to do: Go to war against Amalek. Put everything connected with Amalek under a holy ban. And no exceptions! This is to be total destruction–men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys–the works.‘”

People WORSHIP this God and call him Love.

Yahweh is a crazy mother fucker: The Egyptian Exodus Story

God FORCES the Pharaoh to sin, then holds Pharaoh responsible for this, and his people, and kills innocent little first born children.

21 GOD said to Moses, “When you get back to Egypt, be prepared: All the wonders that I will do through you, you’ll do before Pharaoh. But I will make him stubborn so that he will refuse to let the people go. 22Then you are to tell Pharaoh, “GOD’s Message: Israel is my son, my firstborn! 23I told you, “Free my son so that he can serve me.” But you refused to free him. So now I’m going to kill your son, your firstborn.'”
(Exodus 4:21-23)

The Good book tells us that GOD / Yahweh / Jehovah Himself took away Pharaoh’s free will! That God actively and PURPOSEFULLY prevented Pharaoh from letting the Israelites go, and then turned right around and punished Pharaoh by killing his firstborn son and those of his people!

The Bible says it MULTIPLE times. It’s not just a typo:

12 GOD hardened Pharaoh in his stubbornness. He wouldn’t listen, just as GOD had said to Moses.
(Exodus 9:12)

1GOD said to Moses: “Go to Pharaoh. I’ve made him stubborn, him and his servants, so that I can force him to look at these signs 2and so you’ll be able to tell your children and grandchildren how I toyed with the Egyptians, like a cat with a mouse; you’ll tell them the stories of the signs that I brought down on them, so that you’ll all know that I am GOD.”
(Exodus 10:1-2)

20 But GOD made Pharaoh stubborn as ever. He still didn’t release the Israelites.
(Exodus 10:20)

27 But GOD kept Pharaoh stubborn as ever. He wouldn’t agree to release them.
(Exodus 10:27)

God TOOK WAY Pharaoh’s FREE WILL, FORCED Pharaoh to sin, then punished him and all of Egypt for it by slaughtering them AND THEIR CHILDREN! And God PLANNED this all out ahead of time!

What we have hear is God playing out a ruthless, malicious, sadistic, diabolical, game (like cat and mouse as God himself says).

God is controlling the entire game; He keeps making Pharaoh do what he wants , just as He said He would do, and then punishes him for it.

Well, the good news is Pharaoh does let the Israelite slaves go (after god slaughters the innocent children). But then he mysteriously changes his mind and pursues after them with a grand army.


Because Yahweh / God/ Jehovah made him!

1 GOD spoke to Moses: 2″Tell the Israelites to turn around and make camp at Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea. Camp on the shore of the sea opposite Baal Zephon.

3″Pharaoh will think, “The Israelites are lost; they’re confused. The wilderness has closed in on them.’ 4 Then I’ll make Pharaoh’s heart stubborn again and he’ll chase after them. And I’ll use Pharaoh and his army to put my Glory on display. Then the Egyptians will realize that I am GOD.”

And that’s what happened.

5 When the king of Egypt was told that the people were gone, he and his servants changed their minds. They said, “What have we done, letting Israel, our slave labor, go free?” 6 So he had his chariots harnessed up and got his army together. 7 He took six hundred of his best chariots, with the rest of the Egyptian chariots and their drivers coming along.

8 GOD made Pharaoh king of Egypt stubborn, determined to chase the Israelites as they walked out on him without even looking back.
(Exodus 14:1-8)


15 GOD said to Moses: “Why cry out to me? Speak to the Israelites. Order them to get moving. 16 Hold your staff high and stretch your hand out over the sea: Split the sea! The Israelites will walk through the sea on dry ground.

17 “Meanwhile I’ll make sure the Egyptians keep up their stubborn chaseI’ll use Pharaoh and his entire army, his chariots and horsemen, 18to put my Glory on display so that the Egyptians will realize that I am GOD.”
(Exodus 14:15-18)

And what is God’s grand purpose for having Pharaoh and his loyal soldiers attack the Israelites? FOR GOD TO GAIN GLORY THROUGH HIS SLAUGHTER OF THEM ALL!

And then, after God has killed all the Egyptians – all the Israelites start singing about how wonderful and awesome God is!!!

1Then Moses and the Israelites sang this song to GOD giving voice together,

I’m singing my heart out to GOD-what a victory!

He pitched horse and rider into the sea.

2 GOD is my strength, GOD is my song,

and, yes! GOD is my salvation.

This is the kind of God I have

and I’m telling the world!

This is the God of my father–

I’m spreading the news far and wide!

3 GOD is a fighter,

pure GOD, through and through.

4 Pharaoh’s chariots and army

he dumped in the sea,

The elite of his officers

he drowned in the Red Sea.

5 Wild ocean waters poured over them;

they sank like a rock in the deep blue sea.

6Your strong right hand, GOD, shimmers with power;

your strong right hand shatters the enemy.

7In your mighty majesty

you smash your upstart enemies,

You let loose your hot anger

and burn them to a crisp. (Exodus 15:1-7)

Sadistic huh? People worship this guy today, and still think he is wonderful.


5 Responses to “The Genocidal Maniac known as Yahweh / Jehovah”

  1. Anonymous May 12, 2006 at 7:50 pm #

    God was very angry and full of angst in his earlier years.
    No father holds a ” i wish you were dead” comment against their child.

    • bboyneko May 12, 2006 at 7:52 pm #

      except in this cae he actually killed the kid, and the bible never said god regretted doing what he did.

  2. Sam October 9, 2010 at 12:16 am #

    When I read “The Genocidal Maniac known as Yahweh / Jehovah”, I laughed a lot. Also reading about how “2 weeks of prayers” didn’t do crap for that girl in a wheel chair was also funny (ironically speaking, not funny that she got hurt).

    I’m not sure what you think of violent video games, tv shows and movies, but they seem to be popular among adults and even small children. I don’t understand tho: Why do people say God is horrible for being violent, but then the same people buy their children games or movies that glorify violence and bloodshed?

    It’s like they’re saying “God’s disgusting for punishing people that did bad things,” but as soon as people see the bad guy at the end of a movie get blown to bits, they all shout “HURRAY!!!” and “YAAAAAH!!!!” in justice and approval of the bad man’s violent end. Is that not being a little hypocritical?

    (I’m not saying that’s what you do, but I’ve seen other people do this many times hahaha so I was just wondering what you thought)

    • bboyneko October 11, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

      There is nothing hypocritical about enjoying fictional violence as entertainment, and in the same breath criticizing God for being a murderous sociopath. There is an enormous gulf between fiction and reality. Laughing at a dead baby joke is not the same thing as laughing at a real dead baby.

      God has slightly higher moral standards than human beings (^_^)

  3. Gorgobar December 15, 2010 at 6:35 am #

    I’m sure there are a million other examples – it’s staggering how you swallow all this down as a JW, you might just raise your eyebrows a tiny bit, like at the bear attack one, but then you simply think “oh well I’m sure Jehovah had a very good reason for it, I must make sure I never call an elder a bald-head”

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