Sophie Delezio – Why prayer is a waste of time

11 May

Oh the irony,1658,5149575,00.jpg

Little Five Year-old Sophie survives horrible fire from car crashing into her daycare, only to be hit by car 2 years later

Sophie was 2 years old when a car went through the fence then wall of her childcare centre then burst into flames.

She lost both feet, the fingers on her right hand, an ear and all the hair on one side of her scalp in the Christmas Eve 2003 inferno at the Roundhouse Childcare Centre in Australia.

Lots of news stories about church congregations praying for her. About 2 years later she is out of hospital and her father is pushing her wheelchair across a zebra marked pedestrian crossing when BAM she gets hit by a car, gets sent flying.

Sophie is now back in hospital fighting for her life again. So we can conclude that the previous 2 years of prayers were a total waste of time.

Presumably god decided to ignore them and punish this innocent little girl for his own amusement. But do we get any acknowledgement of that from the preachers? The Christians? No, they just hold more services asking us to pray for her again without a trace of irony in their voices.

“I pray to God that she’s going to be OK.” Peter Clark, 42 said (quoted in the article)

We truly live in a demon-haunted world. After all the advancements in science and technology, over 5 billion people still believe in spirits, demons and the like.

Sophie Delezio’s father has called on people to continue praying

He said he was touched that so many people were praying for his daughter.

“It’s heartening to see how many people love Sophie. We certainly love her. It makes us feel good that people are praying for Sophie.

“We urge people, if they want to do something, to first of all pray. What’s happening now is out of our control. It’s in the doctors’ hands but they can only do so much.”

When the majority of human beings stop being superstitious and use logic and reason to dominate their lives, we will truly advance as a species.


2 Responses to “Sophie Delezio – Why prayer is a waste of time”

  1. _oddity May 13, 2006 at 6:00 am #

    i agree with what you’re saying but that’s just sad. sucksssssssssss.

  2. lordalfredhenry January 3, 2008 at 11:51 pm #

    wishes/luck and the like are psychological, in mind, proxy mental exercises for doing things they wish they could do if they were there. When people do these mantras/prayers/meditations, I hope they’re running or knitting or actually “doing” something useful while they’re at it. (maybe shopping for balloons/giving money to parents) If someone’s stuck, they often mutter things like “please get me out of here, please get me out of here” or something…directed or not. Some people are so socialized that any and all such wish chants *must* be directed to someone or some Brand® because they don’t have enough belief in themselves. It’s one of those “last” things they should do. (not first of all things) But, it never helps to chant something for focus/echolalia/whatever…to each their own. I don’t think religion is necessarily an absolute wrong but it often is.

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