Resveratol – The miracle substance

8 May

I recently went to have lunch at my favorite hamburger establishment, FIVE GUYS, and as part of their charm they offer free peanuts while you wait in line or are sitting waiting for your order. I pondered and realized I don’t know much at all about peanuts.

So I did a bit of investigative research. Apparently the peanut is a woody, indehiscent legume or pod and not technically a nut. The other interesting thing I found is it is a rich source of Resveratol. (also nitroglycerin is made from peanuts)

What is it you ask?

More than 10 years ago John O. Holloszy, M.D., professor of medicine, demonstrated that caloric restriction increased the lifespan in rats by 30 percent or so, and acted a shield against cancers.

Apparently, recent research indicates the effect might come from the activation of a gene that resveratol also activates. It is found in Red Grapes, red wine, and peanuts.

Resveratol is produced as an antifungal agent in some plants. Whatever effective antifungal effects Resveratol has for plants is also extremely effective in humans for prevention of cancer, aging effects, and viral infections (inluding even HIV)

So I think from now on, to protect against cancers, aging effects, and even viral infection I will be drinking a lot more red wine.


One Response to “Resveratol – The miracle substance”

  1. Anonymous May 25, 2006 at 8:27 pm #

    I actually knew that about red wine, but not about peanuts. Interesting.

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