Children’s Movies and Books: Don’t think! Don’t use your critical thinking ability or logic.

21 Apr

From Internet Infidels Discussion Board

Has it ever struck anyone how hard the “you gotta have a-faith, a-faith a-faith” line is pushed in children’s books/movies/stories/etc – even the non-religious ones?

Look how often children are told (whether directly, or vicariously through the protagonists) that Above all else, retain the mental flexibility required for doublethink. We don’t care what you believe, so long as you learn to cripple your critical faculties on demand. We’ll promise you any kind of happiness, so long as you can believe things because you want to.

Backdoor religious agenda, self-contained quirky little metameme, or utterly meaningless?

What reckon?

That is so true. I also don’t like how people who don’t believe are labeled as bad people.


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