I finally Beat Silent Hill 4

10 Apr

Spurred back into my game of Silent Hill 4 due to the upcoming movie I FINALLY BEAT IT!! It takes me a very long time to beat games since I have very little spare time with a full-time job and a 4 hour round trip commute every day.




The game reminded me a lot of Myst. You start out the game in your Apartment. The door is chained tight. No matter how loud you bang on the windows or rattle the door, you can’t leave. You eventually discover a hole in the bathroom that takes you to weird, fog-filled worlds. The story begins to unravel as to why you suddenly cant leave the room.

Towards the end the game got very scary, with hauntings appearing in your room (skinned cat in your fridge, crying baby heads on your wall, your slippers leaving a bloody trail of foot prints to the kitchen, your kitchen faucet pouring blood, sofa soaked in blood, shadows of little children in your closet..scaaaaaaaary) and the story unravels very fast. Suddenly you understand why your room is haunted and why you can’t leave.

And once you finally do leave…watch out. You can look out the window and watch your neighbors..and one by one they die..and when they die they come back as very eerie floating ghosts, although some crawl on the floor propelled by their white bloody arms.

I haven’t played the other silent hills but I’m about to play silent hill 1 on my playstation, then work my way up. I should be well-prepared for the movie.


3 Responses to “I finally Beat Silent Hill 4”

  1. kelly_bean April 12, 2006 at 12:09 am #

    silent hill 2 is my favorite.
    I love those games, and you’re right. They’re creepy as fuck.

    • Anonymous July 17, 2006 at 4:12 am #

      the level when your inyour own apartment building and searching through all of the rooms… yeah how do you beat that… my boyfriend and worked on it for 4 hours today and we cant beat the level

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