Snakes on a Plane – Funny IMDB comments

4 Apr

I found out about this through opalcat‘s entry regarding Snakes on a Plane, an upcoming Samuel L. jackson movie about yes, Snakes on a motherfucking plane.

The concept is so over-the-top that it has become a sensation of sorts throughout the internet community. The hilarious comments made by random internet wits on the IMDB site for Snakes on a Plane is gut-busting funny.

Unfortunately, you must be a registered member of IMDB to view the forum, but for you guys too lazy to do so, I have provided some highlights:

You don’t even know. by – 41_Ants_Marching (Sun Mar 26 2006 17:00:10 )
A snake swallowed my puppy dog and raped my sister.

You’re not the only one here with snake trauma, man. Have hope with this movie. It’ll be great justice to see Samuel L. Jackson kick some snake ass. It’ll do for us snake victims what Schindler’s List did for Holocaust survivors.


Re: You don’t even know. by – bladerunner042988 5 days ago (Wed Mar 29 2006 22:56:54 )
Ants, I didn’t know about your snake attack. I’m… I’m so sorry for your loss.


Re: You don’t even – FuzzyButkus 1 day ago (Sun Apr 2 2006 11:16:38 )
I was on a transatlantic flight from Nashville to China (we like to do things the hard way in TN) and there was this snake in front of me in the security checks and damned if those “security” people gave this grandmotherin front of us a full-body-cavity search, but let that damn snake slither right through. SHAMELESS! I was never so disgusted by our nations inadequate airport security. I mean, all the fear of the “Snake Rights” crowd yelling species-profiling all the time, I really don’t know what to do. This is not the country my grandparents loved, sacrificed and died for.

I could be biased though, admittedly. A snake broke up my mom and dad when I was seven. I can never forgive snakes for my parents’ divorce. F@#kers.


Re: Very offensive!!! by – marg14 (Sun Mar 26 2006 17:31:56 )
I forgot to mention that I had a child with a snake on a plane and that snake refuses to pay child support. Snakes are a threat to family life.

It takes brave men like Samuel L. Jackson to stand up to the menace of snakes on a plane.


Re: Very offensive!!! by – ellio124 6 days ago (Tue Mar 28 2006 07:27:04 )
I once had a great, well-paying job. One day a snake came into the office and told my boss he would do the same job for half the salary. Now I’m homeless. I hope all the snakes in this movie are cheap foreign snakes.



Re: Very offensive!!! by – ellio124 4 days ago (Thu Mar 30 2006 07:43:47 )
A snake once replaced my regular Folger’s coffee with new Decaf. I was drowsy all day. I HATE SNAKES


Re: Very offensive!!! by – dan-1207 1 minute ago (Tue Apr 4 2006 06:55:29 )
I have credible evidence snakes were the ones piloting the planes that crashed into the twin towers.


Re: Very offensive!!! by – jporter07-1 10 hours ago (Mon Apr 3 2006 20:46:58 )
Snakes on a plane made me try drugs when I was little.


Re: Very offensive!!! by – Wolverine911 (Sun Mar 26 2006 16:56:37 )
A Nazi snake on a plane shot down my grandfather in WWII.


Re: Dude, seriously by – MetalSonic (Fri Mar 24 2006 14:41:17 )
I got killed by snakes on a plane once.


Re: Dude, seriously by – SpecialAgentPunk (Fri Mar 24 2006 14:49:21 )
bullshit. prove it.

Re: Dude, seriously by – Dibsy (Fri Mar 24 2006 15:19:16 )
Well he hasn’t replied, he must be dead.


There are TONS more. Here is the direct link:


4 Responses to “Snakes on a Plane – Funny IMDB comments”

  1. spatulistic April 4, 2006 at 3:35 pm #

    I’ve heard the “Snakes on a Plane” business.
    I guess it was funny. It’s kinda like the ORLY fad. It’s funny at first because it’s just SO stupid.. but it gets old quickly :-/

  2. blackdave April 4, 2006 at 6:41 pm #

    many interesting things
    Its not just that snakes are on a plane, but that some assasin is trying to use a snake to kill someone on a plane.
    Sounds cheesy, but think Kill Bill 2 with that snake in the suitcase.
    Secondly, they thought of changing that name but Sam Jackson said no. Brilliant!

    • docwho88 April 5, 2006 at 9:06 pm #

      Re: many interesting things
      Secondly, they thought of changing that name but Sam Jackson said no. Brilliant!
      well think.. they couldn’t have bought advertising this good.

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