LOL! Gorillas is smart

19 Dec

On April 27, 1998, Koko (the famous so-called talking Gorilla) held an “online chat” live on AOL. In the following extracts, LiveKOKO is Koko, DrPPatrsn is Dr. Patterson:

HaloMyBaby: SBM87 asks, What are the names of your kittens? (and dogs?)
LiveKOKO: foot
DrPPatrsn: Foot isn’t the name of your kitty
HaloMyBaby: Koko, what’s the name of your cat?
LiveKOKO: no
Question: Do you like to chat with other people?
HaloMyBaby: That was from Rulucky!
LiveKOKO: fine nipple
DrPPatrsn: Nipple rhymes with people, she doesn’t sign people per se, she was trying to do a “sounds like…”

Fine nipple indeed


One Response to “LOL! Gorillas is smart”

  1. shazad December 19, 2005 at 10:21 pm #

    Koko has been “involved” in several sexual harassment lawsuits.[2] At least three former employees, all female, have claimed that they were pressured into showing their breasts to Koko. They alleged that Dr. Patterson encouraged the behavior, often interpreted Koko’s signs as requests for nipple display, and let them know that their job would be in danger if they “did not indulge Koko’s nipple fetish”.[3] Two of the suits were settled on undisclosed terms, while a third is still pending as of December 1, 2005.[4] Koko has been known to playfully grab both male and female nipples without warning or provocation. Dr. Patterson claims that Koko uses the word “nipple” to refer to humans.[5]

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