The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D was great!

29 Nov

Sharkboy Lavagirl

Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D was surprisingly enjoyable! I really liked watching it. And the interactive portions of the DVD where they say PUT ON GLASSES NOW and TAKE OFF GLASSES NOW made the movie much more fun. I have been a huge fan of the cowboy hat wearing (I bet he wears it even during sex and while swimming) Robert Rodriquez ever since “Spy Kids” and of course his masterpiece, “Sin City”.

Taylor Lautner who is only 13 years old and plays Sharkboy in the movie was a spectacular martial artist. He is apparently also a hip-hop dancer / breakdancer. When I was watching the movie I was like..this is either extremely good CGI or this kid can actually kick major ass. Turns out the kid kicks major ass.

On the other side of the spectrum is Cayden Boyd who plays Max in the movie. This kid was SO bad, as my cats walked by the TV and he was on, all their fur fell off. I felt bad for my cats but that’s how bad Boyd’s acting was. I am like 95% certain he is gay also. Kind of like how you could tell Danny Pintauro from “Who’s The Boss?” was gay even when he was like 9.

But yeah, the 3D sequences were great and the film was really fun to watch. This wasn’t better than Spy Kids but definitely a enjoyable ride.


2 Responses to “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D was great!”

  1. son_of_ottie November 30, 2005 at 6:25 pm #

    Sooooooo, now you have a house full of bald pussy?

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