Nicole Kidman made me cry

14 Nov

BboyNeko: Nicole Kidman was mean to me
BboyNeko: she made me cry
the original L5: did you slap the ho?
BboyNeko: no
BboyNeko: i shulda
the original L5: heh yeah you should had
the original L5: i saw her in bewitched
the original L5: and it was horrible
BboyNeko: bitch! you know how much shit i get from my friends for liking Moulin rouge!
BboyNeko: SLAP
the original L5: haha that would had been so awesome
BboyNeko: yah
BboyNeko: well
BboyNeko: i asked her for a photo
BboyNeko: and mind you, ive been working like 10 inches from her for 2 days now
BboyNeko: so im like nicole, can i have a photo with you?
BboyNeko: and shes like
BboyNeko: " right now..I have to go to wardrobe..but thanks for asking"
BboyNeko: bitch! in the time it took you to make that shit up i culda gone CLICK
the original L5: hehe
the original L5: tomorrow be like
the original L5: nicole.. im glad tom left your ass, suck my balls
BboyNeko: hahaha
BboyNeko: dude i JUST got home at 3am too and I have to be on set tomorrow by 10:30am
BboyNeko: in dc
the original L5: eff that
BboyNeko: las day tho
BboyNeko: so when the movie comes out youll see my blurry ass
the original L5: sweet


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