Update on Nicole Kidman Movie

10 Nov

Hello Everyone,

You are the lucky winners of the Saturday, Sunday and Monday, (Nov. 12,13, &14), work at the Embassy.

Directions to parking are listed below. Please bring all the clothing that the Costume Department asked you to bring, along with an evening outer-garment. If you did not bring a rain coat or formal outerwear to the fitting, please bring something this time. Whatever you would wear to a formal function. There will be a rain effect! Be prepared!

Call time is 3:00 PM. The crew will start at 9am so its shouldn’t be too late of a night.

Yay! This means the Director hand-picked me. Earlier this week the casting director had indicated the Director would be hand picking who he wanted for this scene and as a result some of us might be released (told to not show up). Im excited. I also get paid more because of the rain.

I hope Nicole Kidman is wearing something white with no undies for this scene.

I wish I could talk about certain other issues on my LJ, but I can’t until the situation is finished and I can discuss the results.



One Response to “Update on Nicole Kidman Movie”

  1. meanjunglist November 11, 2005 at 1:44 am #

    That’s so awesome!

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