My review of Episode III : Episode III sucked

19 May


My review:
In a nutshell: sucked

1) Fighting was horrible
If anyone has watched the CLONE WARS cartoon dvd..they will have seen SPECTACULAR fighting..especially the last scene where General Grevious kills a ton of Jedi. I was so pumped to see General Grevious actually fight in the movie..i was thinking man…if he was THAT amazing in the cartoon imagine how he’ll be in the movie.

Imagine my disappointment when General Grevious lasts about 2 seconds with 4 light sabers. Extreme let-down..i saw what General Grevious was capable of and the movie didn’t show what he could do.

Also, I have been studying Nick Gellard’s lightsaber choreography. he had choreographed some AMAZING moves and parries with one where a direct lightsaber lunge to the head was dodge by a simple titlt of the head, and other great exchanges. NONE of the stuff i saw him choreograph ended up in the movie. THe light saber fight to end all light saber fights between anakin and obi-wan was also a SORE SORE let-down..i mean it didn’t seem like anakin had any chance of beating obi wan..the entire fight was essentially obi wan holding back from killing anakin cus he didn’t want to.

Supposedly Anakin is the most powerful jedi ever and even more so once he turned to the dark side..yet he get PWned by someone who keeps getting knocked out every time they fight Dooku.

It’s sad, but the fighting in the CLONE WARS car6toon was 300 times better than what ended up in the movie.

2) Plot
In the span of 3 seconds..anakin kills Samuel L. fuckin’ like “OMFG what have I done?” then the next second is like YES MASTER I WILL DO AS YOU SAY…ok wtf? Also the exchanges between padme and anakin were cringe-worthy…and the speed at which anakin turned was not sorry for ME to slaughter little defenseless children and kill my best friends it would take a LOT more than saving my pregger wifey.

3) Frankenstein Reference

When Darth Vader get’s off the table..and lumbers around a’s obvious Lucas was making a reference to Frankenstein’s Monster. That made me cringe. And when vader started yelling “nooooooooooooooooo” it looked like a Saturday Night Live parody.


1) special effects top-notch.

2)Ian McDiarmid WAS AWESOME as the emperor..his acting blew everyone else’s away..very impressive.

3) ewen Mcgregor’s acting also spectacular..he CHANNELED Sir Alec Guiness. He was obi wan.

Overall Im very depressed now and I’ll go re-watch the cloner wars dvd since its much better than episode III.


3 Responses to “My review of Episode III : Episode III sucked”

  1. maidengenevive May 20, 2005 at 5:02 am #

    01. If the council is suspicious about this dude, and he’s closer to the jedis than this dude (helllo, they rescued him, raised him) and part of the jedi way is to be patient and self-less, why wouldn’t he trust them?
    02. His transformation was way to fast. Upset one second, pledging his allegance the next, that was unrealistic. I’m sorry, but after that guy melted before my eyes, I wouldn’t see him as the kind grandfather type, but maybe the, holy fuck this guy is psycho, maybe I should push him out the window…
    03. Is he STUPID? His wife was almost ready to pop. He’s supposed to learn the ultimate Sith ways in less than one month, in order to save her? ::bangs head on wall::
    04. Jedi one day, the next day killing kids practically out of diapers. He hasn’t been shown any of the good stuff about the dark side yet, so why would he have the gall to do that?
    BUT.. The Obi-Wan thing, hey, that’s the price you pay for all those high flying moves. All that twirling and jumping and ballerina stuff, that’s all theatrics, not practical for real fighting, you’re just bound to set yourself up in a compromising position, and since Obi-Wan saw him as a threat, he took the first unguarded position he found.
    To me, the light saber battles reminded me too much of sword dueling… the romantic type where they clang swords and argue, but never really hurt each other. Frustrating.

    • rcm9554 May 20, 2005 at 5:52 pm #

      Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you have killed my father, prepare to die…
      The only good figh scene where dancing instead of fighting is acceptable.

  2. sexiloser May 21, 2005 at 6:54 am #

    I didn’t like it either.

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